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Child Custody Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed daily life for many individuals across the United States. As schools, workplaces, and organizations transition to work-from-home or online settings, many people may be facing challenges from a change in environment. Similarly, many individuals want to limit public interaction to help maintain safety during COVID-19....

Pedestrians are in More Danger, Even with Stay at Home Orders

The global pandemic and stay-at-home orders have caused less traffic on the road, which should mean there are less car related accidents; however,the opposite is true.. Although one might expect that a decrease in overall traffic would cause the amount of pedestrian accidents to correspondingly decrease, the rate of pedestrian...

Beer Glasses: Here’s How To Choose The Best One For Your Brew

Believe it or not, drinking your brew in the right beer glass can make the experience more authentic. After all, each style of beer glass is designed to accommodate specific needs and better enhance and retain the beer’s head. So if you are shopping for beer glasses as mancave gifts for your...

The Best Sports Lights for Your Area

Have you seen the video of Klay Thompson shooting three-pointers in the dark? It’s quite amazing, but remember, athletes like Thompson have spent countless hours developing those skills. Lights on or lights off, he can sink those buckets because he trained so much that making those shots has become automatic for...

Why Electrical and Electronic Companies Must Comply with the RoHS Directive

Restriction of Hazardous Substances or RoHS is one of the most important certifications manufacturers must obtain. This EU directive is primarily concerned with the manufacturing of various kinds of electrical and electronic equipment that can range from household appliances to electronic tools, lighting equipment, IT and communications equipment, and control...

Private Equity Funds for Beginner Investors

Even though the history of private equity funds goes way back to the start of the last century, these funds didn’t really gain altitude until the 1970s. And the 1970s was a time when the technology in the United States achieved a much-needed booster from venture capital. Many floundering and...

Is a Board & Train Program Right For My Dog?

When deciding if a board and train program is right for your dog, there are few things to keep in mind as they are designed for people who either do not have the desire or time to attend multiple training classes with their pup or for those who need serious...
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