The Best Sports Lights for Your Area

Have you seen the video of Klay Thompson shooting three-pointers in the dark?

It’s quite amazing, but remember, athletes like Thompson have spent countless hours developing those skills. Lights on or lights off, he can sink those buckets because he trained so much that making those shots has become automatic for him.

If you own a gymnasium, stadium, or arena, though, saying true athletes don’t need good sports lights to play will never fly. Not everyone’s like Klay and those who use or rent your facility require proper lighting to play well.

That being said, here’s what you need to know when choosing the best lights for your sports court, gym, arena, or stadium.

Selecting Sports Lights Based on Ceiling Heights

One way to choose the right gym lighting or LED outdoor lighting is to consider the ceiling height of your facility. For large, open spaces with high ceilings, it’s best to opt for LED high bay fixtures.

Compared to traditional fluorescent high bay options, LED high bay fixtures are cheaper and can last for over 50,000 hours. Their longer lifespan also means you don’t need to worry about maintenance as much. Another advantage these lights offer is high lumens with minimal glare, plus integrated controls, which meet most sports court lighting applications.

For health clubs and other fitness facilities, go for low bay lights, as these are perfect for spaces with ceilings under 20 feet. Keep in mind that using high bay lighting in a low bay ceiling will make your facility too bright and can be off-putting to customers. If you use low bay lights in a high bay application, though, your gym will suffer from poor visibility.

Choosing Stadium Lighting

Since stadiums are bigger, their lighting requirements are also greater. Installing lamps at key areas isn’t enough. Your stadium has to meet certain rules and standards, not just for the safety of players and spectators, but also for their enjoyment.

Another thing to consider is if you plan to use your stadium to hold concerts, festivals, etc. Aside from lights that can synchronize with sound effects, think about consulting contractors who offer lighting design services. Once you’re happy with the design, the only thing left is to get in touch with a supplier.

Now, if you don’t know any stadium lights supplier, ask your contractor for referrals. Another option is to work with a company that offers custom lighting solutions.

Lighting Requirements for Horse Arenas

Arena lighting can be more challenging than stadium lighting. If you have an enclosed arena, your lights have to be around 5,500K and flicker-free. Of course, the bigger your arena, the more lumens or light output it needs.

For an outdoor horse arena, opt for high bay LED lights, but make sure the poles are high enough (at least 30 feet) to eliminate shadows. Remember, shadows can spook the horses, which can put riders in danger.

Let There Be Light

Are you ready to buy sports lights for your gym, stadium, or arena?

If you follow our tips, buying the best lights for your sports facility should be easier. For more lighting advice, you can check out our other posts. We also have tons of articles on various topics such as business, law, tech, travel, and health.