Is a Board & Train Program Right For My Dog?

When deciding if a board and train program is right for your dog, there are few things to keep in mind as they are designed for people who either do not have the desire or time to attend multiple training classes with their pup or for those who need serious assistance with their dog’s behavioral issues. As opposed to working with a trainer, gradually instill proper etiquette and obedience, the owner’s dog will temporarily live with the trainer while undergoing intensive training.

Board and train programs can be the ideal option, but only if you choose the right trainer and keep consistency with your dog’s commands when they return.

What Do Board And Train Programs Involve?

Board and Train Programs are pretty much what they sound like. You board your dog at a kennel with a professional trainer for a few weeks, and they provide training services during their stay. This can be ideal for pet owners who are busy with work or if their dog has specific behavioral issues. Prior to selecting a facility, always make sure to take a tour to ensure you are satisfied with your dogs living conditions for the next few weeks. Once satisfied, the trainer at your preferred facility should create a customized training program based on their individual needs.

What Happens During Your Pet’s Stay?

Board and train programs for dogs are rigorous and may include multiple training sessions a day. With 24/7 access to your dog, the trainer will have the ability to work with your pup in various situations. Depending on the program or facility, your dog may work with one trainer or several throughout the day. At the conclusion of your dog’s stay, a trainer will sit down with you to review what has been accomplished, and some facilities even offer a special final day where they incorporate you into the training so that you can learn the cues they put in place and apply them in real-world situations reinforcing good behavior when they’re back home.

What To Expect When Your Dog Returns Home

Although you may want to believe that after your dog’s board and train experience that he/she will listen to every command, but it is important to reinforce all the good behavior that was learned during their stay. Your trainer should advise you on how to motivate your dog and what to expect in certain situations. A responsible trainer will be upfront on what work you will need to do to maintain their good behavior.

How Do You Find a Safe Responsible Board and Train Program

As we had mentioned before it is important to tour the facility and do your research before allowing your dog to participate in a board and train program. You will also want to ensure that your trainer uses positive reinforcement techniques as this will keep your pet excited to learn new things and continue to be obedient. Indimatating or painful methods result in submissive and timid behavior that more often than not lead to bad behaviors resurfacing.

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