Important Questions about Periodontal Treatment Answered 

When you focus on your oral health, it would be relatively easy to forget the important role played by your gums. However, if you have suffered from advanced periodontitis, you would be aware of the importance of your gum health. You may be concerned with the situation you are in, especially when you have lost one or more of your teeth to advanced periodontitis. 

You may be worried about losing more teeth. Are you skeptical about your next step? Using prompt Fresno Periodontal Treatment, you could prevent further damage. It would also help you restore your smile. When you begin taking steps for reclaiming both your smile and your gum health, find below three important questions about periodontitis treatment. 

  • Is periodontal disease similar to gum disease? 

Periodontal disease is another name for gum disease. Both refer to the infection and inflammation of gum tissue caused by bacteria in the mouth. Gum disease could seem relatively small in the beginning, but lack of treatment could make you miss the warning signs and the disease could be severe already. If you leave the periodontal disease untreated, it would worsen and gradually result in major health issues inclusive of tooth loss, bone loss, and gum recession. 

  • Do you know the various stages of gum disease? 

There have been two main stages of gum disease – gingivitis and periodontitis. 

A less form of severe gum disease – gingivitis entails the bleeding of gums on flossing. The gums become inflamed, produce persistent bad odor, and gums are slightly darker. It is a severe kind of gum disease that often results due to untreated gingivitis. The inflamed gums in periodontitis would start pulling away from the teeth. It results in deep pockets formed in your gums enabling bacteria to go beneath the gum line and hamper the supporting structures of the teeth. 

The severe form of gum disease would have similar symptoms as gingivitis along with a few new symptoms. You might notice the formation of deep pockets in your gums collecting food debris, pus between your teeth, receding gums, or changes in your bites. It would be painless until it reaches the advanced stage. However, it could cause pain when your teeth start to loosen. Rest assured that untreated periodontitis would result in tooth loss. 

  • How do you treat periodontitis? 

Numerous non-surgical treatments made available for periodontitis could help treat the disease. The treatment would depend on the individual case along with the severity of the disease. The procedure entails scaling and root planning, often done together. For advanced periodontitis, you could use pocket reduction surgery or flap surgery. 


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