Beer Glasses: Here’s How To Choose The Best One For Your Brew

Believe it or not, drinking your brew in the right beer glass can make the experience more authentic. After all, each style of beer glass is designed to accommodate specific needs and better enhance and retain the beer’s head. So if you are shopping for beer glasses as mancave gifts for your man, your brother, or your father — here is a brief guide on each type of beer glass.

Beer mug. A crowd favorite among beer aficionados, the beer mug is robust and capable of holding lots of beer. With a beer mug, you get a cylindrical shape vessel and a sturdy handle. Having a thick glass can help keep the beer cool and give you a greater drinking-to-chill-out-and-relieve-some-stress experience overall.

Pilsner. One of the most ideal and famous mancave gifts, the pilsner glass is designed to be used for lighter brews, such as pilsners. This glass is tall; some have little curvatures, some don’t have it at all. Their being slender, though making them capable of holding less beer, can make you appreciate the beer’s color and carbonation bubbles better.

Shot glass. Typically around 2.25 to 2.5-ounce in capacity, the shot glass is a must-have for anyone who loves to drink, party, and be the center of attention. It’s very basic and straightforward: It might hold a relatively small amount of brew, but it’s perfect for when you want to chug a beer and exude some sort of carefree vibe.

Pint glass. Versatile and bold-looking, the pint glass is a staple in American pubs. It has a cylindrical shape but the diameter gets bigger as it goes up. Apart from being easy to drink out of, this is also less expensive than other beer glasses.

Weizen. Weizen glasses are much like a pilsner, except that they have more curvature, especially at the tip. Tall and slender, these can hold at least half a liter of a beer. They’re commonly used for wheat beers (as its name implies; “weizen” is the German word for beer).

Goblet. Beer glasses are the go-to mancave gifts of many. If your recipient is the type of drinker who’s particularly keen on aromas and flavor profiles, the goblet or chalice’s wide body-thick and long base design are perfect for him.

Tulip. Resembling the shape of the tulip flower, this glass is also ideal for drinkers who want to elevate their brew’s aroma. The tulip glass is commonly used for Belgian and French ales.

Snifter. Perfectly suitable for dark beers, the snifter’s large-bowl shape makes it easier to hold. And with more of your palm’s surface area touching the base, this glass allows your beer to be warmed slowly and steadily until it reaches the right drinking temperature.

Flute. If you have a particular affinity for bubbles, this slender-shaped glass is suitable for you. Best for fruit beers and Belgian lambics, this glass also evokes a particular kind of elegance.

Stange. Made for delicate beers like rye and lambic, this weird-looking glass (it resembles the shape of a rod; “stange” is the German word for it) usually holds around 6.5 ounces of beer. Thanks to its design that allows for a firmer concentration, it can make the beer taste richer and more flavorful.