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Divorce in DC Surges During Pandemic

Marriages can be challenging even without extenuating circumstances such as the coronavirus pandemic. But now,the current pandemic is causing an uptick in divorces in the D.C. area. While D.C., Maryland, and Virginia have historically low divorce rates compared to other states, the pandemic is creating higher than normal divorce rates....

Ways to Add Black Seed Oil to Your Diet

There are tons of health fads in the market, but amid the noise, black seed oil has been singled out as a superfood with an alleged host of health benefits. The substance is identified as a natural food which is effective in treating various illnesses. You might want to buy...

5 Trends in Commercial Laundry Businesses

Compared to a traditional neighborhood laundromat, a commercial laundry operates on a larger scale. Some examples include on-premise hotel laundry and a laundry business serving corporate clients, such as hospitals, bed and breakfasts, and spas, among others. If you own a commercial laundry business, keep on reading and we’ll talk...

6 Tips for Transitioning to a Paperless Law Firm

Going paperless does not happen overnight. It is a journey towards a more sustainable business practice. More than doing something good for the environment, it also minimizes costs, improves productivity, and boosts profitability, among other benefits. In this article, we’ll talk about some things that law firms can do as...

6 Tips for Effective Employee Development

It has been said many times – the employees are the most important assets of any business. They are highly influential for success, so it makes sense that organizations invest in employee development. The latter is a continuous process of working with the employees to improve their skills. It includes...

6 Tips for Building a Sustainable Construction Company

Building a sustainable construction company requires a proactive approach and significant investment. In the long run, however, it is worth every dollar! It does not only allow an organization to do something good for the environment, but this is also a precursor to profitability. Read on and we’ll talk about...

Smart Reasons Why Your Employees Need Custom Name Badges

Name badges or name tags are some of the most important items that an employee should have. They do not only contribute to the accountability of your employees but also make your customers or clients feel very welcome as well. Because of this, a name badge is used across different...

How to Hire Miami Attorney After a Recreational Boating Accident

One of Miami's largest private-sector industries is tourism. Some of Florida's best tourist hotspots include the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf Coast, Panhandle, Biscayne Bay, East Bay, Tampa Bay, Intercoastal Waterway. All of these places offer numerous opportunities for recreational boating. Miami is a popular spring break destination too, with inbound college...

Benefits of Going for a Spa Weekend

Sydney is the capital city of NSW, Australia and is famous for being the home of the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Sydney also ranks eighth on the list of least stressful cities to live in based on factors such as traffic levels, percentage of green areas, financial...
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