How to Hire Miami Attorney After a Recreational Boating Accident

One of Miami’s largest private-sector industries is tourism. Some of Florida’s best tourist hotspots include the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf Coast, Panhandle, Biscayne Bay, East Bay, Tampa Bay, Intercoastal Waterway. All of these places offer numerous opportunities for recreational boating.

Miami is a popular spring break destination too, with inbound college students and families. A sought after activity in the summertime is boating. People rent boats for recreation from rentals in the town and have the fun of their lives.

At the same time, many recreational boating accidents are reported. When you face such a situation, hire a Miami Boating Accident Attorney to help you with the legal processes. Here are some tips on how to hire a Miami attorney:

Types of Recreational Boats

Miami has the highest number of registered vessels and is the boating and yachting capital of the USA. Recreational boats include:

  • Yachts
  • Speedboats
  • Jet skis & Wave runners
  • Powerboats
  • Kayaks & Canoes
  • Sailboats
  • Non-Commercial fishing boats

With unclear age restrictions and instructions for certain recreational boats, there are various recreational boat accidents recorded. 

Jet-skis, wave runners, and similar watercraft can cause severe and even fatal injuries. Jet-skis are generally fast and unpredictable, and when the experience is mixed with alcohol or drugs, they pose to be the most dangerous sport.

Other recreational watercraft can also face dangerous situations like collision, defective boats, and repair. These endanger the people on the boat as well as other recreational boats nearby.

An experienced Miami Boating Accident Attorney will walk you through the steps to gain a little advantage from the unfortunate situation. 

Skills and Experience of the Attorney

When you look to hire a Miami Boating Accident Attorney, check for their license. Know what experience they have in such cases and how many victims of recreational boating accidents they have represented.

Some of the questions you can ask the attorney before hiring them are,

  • How many years have they represented clients who were in boating accidents?
  • Do they take up only recreational boating accident cases?
  • For a year, on average, how many such clients do they represent?

Strategy and Fee

In the initial discussion, once you talk to the attorney about your accident, move on to the topic of how they propose to handle the case. What strategy they have in mind is an important thing to know. Though there is no right or wrong plan for recreational boating accident cases, it is better to have a well-tailored strategy.

Once you are sure the attorney can show you the right path, discuss the aspects of money. There are two aspects, how much money your case is worth and how much the attorney charges. Make sure you invest your money in an attorney who can confidently make the situation better.

Remember, you may have to work with the attorney, in the long run, depending on your case. You must work with someone you trust and have good judgment and whose advice you can rely on.

Assess the attorney based on the points discussed above and hire the reliable one. It is worth investing time to choose the right attorney for your case.