Divorce in DC Surges During Pandemic

Marriages can be challenging even without extenuating circumstances such as the coronavirus pandemic. But now,the current pandemic is causing an uptick in divorces in the D.C. area. While D.C., Maryland, and Virginia have historically low divorce rates compared to other states, the pandemic is creating higher than normal divorce rates. For some couples, trying to manage their marriage while adapting to COVID-19 is too challenging which is leading to more divorces.

COVID and Marriage

Couples that are considering divorce due to COVID-19 are often in marriages that were already struggling before COVID-19. Marriages where the couple was able to tolerate each other because they had limited interactions every day are now faltering under quarantine and work from home orders. Quarantine took away work commutes, social activities, and working in an office. This made couples who typically saw each other for only a few hours each day see each other much more often. COVID-19 also brought financial stress, job loss, and school closures which could add more stress to a marriage. A struggling marriage suddenly had a lot more factors influencing it when COVID-19 hit. 

Courts Reopening

The courts briefly shut down due to the pandemic, and when they opened back up there was an influx of divorce cases. Unfortunately, getting a divorce is still a slow process as there is a backlog of cases. However, the divorce process can still be initiated.

“Even with the courts reopening, divorce cases are still taking more time than usual to go through all of the standard proceedings.” said Attorney Tammy Begun of Capital Family Law Group. “It is always best if a couple going through a divorce can come to agreements out of court which can help expedite the process while keeping negotiations civil.”

How an Attorney Could Help

It is always a good idea to seek legal counsel when going through a divorce. It is also ideal for a couple to come to an understanding together if possible, as that can help make the divorce process be easier and quicker for all parties. However, when couples can’t agree that is when a lawyer, or a mediator, can help. Compromise is the base for most divorce proceedings, and the more a couple is willing to work together, the easier the process can be for everyone involved. 

An attorney could give sound advice on settlement agreements and try to keep the proceedings amicable so there is no hostility. An attorney could also help their client keep their fair share of assets and ensure a fair settlement is made. If there are kids involved, an attorney could also help determine custody agreements.

Contact an Attorney Today

If you are thinking about a divorce or are in the process of getting a divorce, you should consider contacting a divorce attorney if you have not done so already. Your divorce attorney could guide you through the process and inform you on what you can expect going forward with proceedings.