The 7 benefits of cloud computing specific to the accounting industry

We are currently living in the technological era where each and every process and operation has been influenced by technology. Whether you talk about our daily life or how you work. You should know that with the help of technological advancement, we have been able to become more accurate, effective, and efficient. There used to be a time when using technological solutions was limited to only IT industries but this is not the case now as we have stepped into an era where technological solutions have become an inseparable part of each and every type of business. And one such technological solution which is being used by businesses from all over the world is cloud computing.

There is nothing wrong with saying that cloud computing is the base of the internet that we use today. Fromm uploading pictures on Facebook to watching your old conversations on Whatsapp, everything has been made possible by cloud computing. But along with these usual activities, cloud computing has also effected many industries as well. From eCommerce to the construction industry, everyone has benefited from cloud computing. But in this blog post, we are going to talk about eh benefits of cloud computing specific to the accounting industry only.

There used to be a time when accounting was considered a dull, boring, repetitive, and very complex process but that is not the case now. Now, accountants have become tech-savvy and they take part in major decision-making processes of businesses and all of these changes have been made possible by technological solutions like cloud computing. In the modern era, each and every accounting operation includes some parts of cloud computing as it has proved to be a magic wand for the accounting industry.

So, let’s see the top benefits of cloud computing specific to the accounting industry through this blog post.

Easily collaborate with other accountants

If you don’t have any idea about accounting then you should know that it requires effective collaboration. Accounting is one of those departments of business that can’t survive without collaboration and this is where cloud computing like cloud based QuickBooks acts as a magic wand for the accounting department, accounting firms, and also for freelancer accountants. You should know that with cloud, the user gets the power of multi-user access through which multiple people can be added to the same cloud platform and they all can work together as a team without sitting under one roof. Most of the accounting firms use cloud in order to make their accountants work as a team even while not being present under one roof.

Real-time updates

You might have started thinking that even if the admin of a cloud computing platform adds multiple people to collaborate, they still would have to deal with sending data back and forth just like they do on their desktop installed solution or any other traditional solution but that is not the case. Cloud brings real-time updates for its users and this means that every user working on the cloud platform will get real-time updates for the changes made on the cloud platform. There is no need for sending data back and forth and thus there will be minimum confusion while users will also be able to save time as well. Real-time updates is one of the most advantageous features of cloud computing that allows you to get rid of the traditional and inefficient way of collaboration.

Keep financial data secure

There is no denial in the fact that each and every type of data that a business deals with is very important but when it comes to financial data then things become much more sensitive. Financial data is surely one of the most sensitive data handled by any company as it contains every detail about the company. From expenses to investment, everything related to money is included in the financial data. But with cloud computing, the user will get bank-level security for its data and this is why most of the people prefer storing their financial data on cloud rather than on their local hard disk. End-to-end encryption, multi-user access, anti-virus system, firewall; all these things make cloud computing a perfect place to store data.

Easily scalable

If you are running a small or medium-sized business and hosting your desktop applications such as QuickBooks in the cloud then there are maximum chances that your firm will witness sudden growth. Well, there is nothing wrong it in as every business owner works for growth but along with growth, you will have to fine-tune your accounting solution in order to match your growing needs, and with cloud computing, scaling up is a pie. If you are using a cloud hosting solution and looking forward to scale up then all that you will need to do is to send an email or call your cloud hosting provider and he will do the needful. You don’t need to buy any type of new server or invest in hardware in order to scale up, even scaling down with cloud is very easy and quick.


Another major advantage of cloud computing solutions is they are very economical. They can easily fit in the budget of even small and medium-sized businesses and that’s what makes it more effective and efficient. There are many accounting firms and freelancer accountants that can’t afford to buy a costly solution since they have very low budget but cloud computing solutions like cloud backup, cloud storage, and even cloud hosting are some of the most economical cloud computing solutions. You will be dumbfounded to know that you can opt for a cloud accounting solution in just $29/month/user basis. So, you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket in order to streamline your accounting department with the help of cloud computing.

Although cloud computing has benefited many industries, the accounting industry is among those industries that has benefited the most from cloud computing. From accuracy to better collaboration, there is a long list of benefits provided by cloud computing to the accounting industry.



Hemant Kumar
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