Marketing Your Business During COVID-19

It has been said a million times already but we are living in uncertain times. None of us has a clue how long we will have to wait until we can resume our ‘normal’ lives. You will all have concerns about your business and some of you may not want to even think about marketing at this point.

We are here to tell you that you really should be focusing on the marketing of your business. While we are all struggling on a global basis, the work that you put in now could ensure that you come out of it all in a stronger position than your competitors. Besides, why not look at it in the way that you at least have the time to focus on areas that you were not able to spare the time for before?

Here are a few tips that we have put together with regards to marketing your business during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Ramp Up Your Social Media Presence

Social media is a powerful marketing tool at the best of times but it could prove to be even more powerful during the current climate. More people are at home and are likely to be on their social media accounts. You will no doubt have more time to focus on this area so why not use it to improve your brand awareness, secure potential leads and keep in touch with your current clients?

Spend More Time on Online Networking

During normal times, you probably have little time to spare for a bit of online networking. However, you now have a bit of time so what better way to spend it than to speak with your business connections. You can forge ideas, make new relationships and generally put plans together that could help to grow your business going forward. Setup some online meetings and you could come out of them with some great ideas and potential-filled partnerships. 

Write Your Own Blogs

With plenty more time on your hands, why not write your own blog content? You probably outsource this as standard but are you always happy with what you pay for? You will know the message that you want to get across as you know your business and its industry but often that same message is not created when you pay somebody else to create it. Start to write your own blog content to save costs and to fill some gaps in your time. 

Paid Advertising is Cheaper

As a perfect complement to more people staying at home, it would seem that paid advertising via Facebook and Google has become cheaper. This is probably due to more people spending in this area and the two platforms realizing that this is a good opportunity to make more money by pushing their paid ads out at lower costs. You should be jumping over this as you will never get a better price or static audience to target. 


We know that life is not easy right now but by making a bit of effort, you will be in a stronger position once this virus is finished once and for all. If you still cannot focus on the above yourself due to restrictions or worry, you could opt to bring in some specialists such as Stuartkerrs.com.