Enhance scalability with an effective hyper-converged solution

In today’s ever increasing competitive marketplace an effective IT infrastructure can incredibly enhance the performance, scalability and eventually growth of any type and size of the organization hence the demand for a sophisticated and strategic infrastructure as per the needs and budget of the organization is increasing rapidly across the globe. Most of the companies are becoming aware of the benefits offered by hyper-converged infrastructure solution such as software-defined storage, agility, scalability, data protection, cost efficiency, etc. Some of the reputable high-end server/storage solution providers such as SuperMicro offer high quality, reliable and affordable hyper-converged products such as Super Micro 3x VSAN for providing better storage capacity, virtualized computing, and networking to organizations.

Benefits of vSAN ReadyNode

vSAN is gaining popularity as it provides ensure to provision and manages to compute, network, and storage resources from a single pane of management. A ReadyNode configuration includes specific type and amount of CPU, Memory, Flash, HDD, and IO Controller devices within each server hence when planning to purchase Super Micro 3x VSAN for optimizing business growth check the technical and environment specification such as computer, SSD, HDD, memory, NIC 1 , NIC 2, power supply, warranty, etc. vSAN ReadyNode is a cost-effective solution that will offer ample of benefits such as

  • Single bundle for procurement
  • Radically Simple Storage
  • Lower TCO by up to 50% –
  • High Performance
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Ensures compatibility and maximizes the success of the implementation

Focus on reputation

Apparently with latest technology and fully functional IT infrastructure environment every business can give whole new dimension to their overall security, reliability, scalability, etc. but for getting best value for money and expected outcome of choosing the right vendor is crucial otherwise you might risk your time, money and effort hence evaluate the credibility and reputation of the company beforehand and have peace of mind.

Along with researching the vendor, for hassle-free shopping consider few factors and choose the right online platform

  • Fast and secure transaction procedure
  • Genuine products from a reputable vendor
  • On-time delivery of the product
  • Helpful resources such as datasheet, YouTube, support, review, etc.
  • Quick response and instant online quotation
  • Protection of confidential information

Uncompromising product quality

Renowned IT infrastructure hardware providers such as SuperMicro strive to live up to the expectation of the customers with their unexceptional latest technology, First-to-Market availability, end-to-end server, storage and networking solutions for virtualization, cloud, big data, etc. and also offer customization options as per the needs of the clients.