is My iPhone Infected With A Virus?

Tech Giant Apple is famous for keeping its gadgets and mainly its iPhone exceptional from the rest of the brands on the market. They achieve this exclusivity by using components and software combinations in their iPhone that are practically unmatched in any other phone brand. The manufacturing win of an iPhone also makes it one of the safest devices. It would take a veteran black hat to crack into Apple’s devices like the Macbook or iPhone.

There is a vast difference between other brand components and the iPhone’s components. Like the bio-chip, which is substituted with a common Mediatek or Snapdragon processors and the lightning connector for which other smartphones use USB-C ports. These differences are why iPhone repair also needs rarefied parts, and if it’s hacked, there is a big chance you’ll have to change your iPhone. However, before a phone is hacked, it has to be infected with a virus to make it vulnerable to attacks. If these viruses or bugs are caught in time, your iPhone can be saved through a quick repair. Here’s all you need to notice if you suspect a virus infection on your iPhone.

Make sure your iPhone isn’t Jailbroken

Since the iPhone’s whole business structure screams pay to play, a factory setting phone is not agreeable to some tech enthusiasts. Hence, the need to jailbreak an iPhone. Apple iPhone doesn’t allow third-party software, apps, or open-source development. Which is why to have more access to an iPhone, techies, and sometimes common people jailbreak an iPhone. A jailbroken iPhone merely is unlocking the mainframe of the iOS and being able to make changes in UX/UI along with the ability to run and develop external apps on the phone.

Here’s how to check if your iPhone is jailbroken-

  • Swipe down from the top of the home screen to access the search bar
  • Type Cydia on the search bar and tap search on your keyboard
  • If an app named Cydia appears in the results, your iPhone is jailbroken.

A jailbroke iPhone can be easily infected with viruses and bugs. So, when your phone starts to malfunction or show glitches, you must reverse the jailbreak on your iPhone.

Beware of Pop-up Ads on Safari

The initial software on the iPhone doesn’t allow pop-up ads to show on the Safari browser unless you use an insecure website. So if you see frequent third-party pop-ups on the browser screen, it is a sign that your iPhone has a virus. Viruses cause a malfunction in the actual software framework and remove secure lines, making pop-up ads frequent. You must be wary of such pop-up since clicking on them will only increase your troubles. You must get your iPhone checked or opt for repair services to prevent further damage to your iPhone.

Look for Crashing Apps

Every factory-made iPhone comes with excellent hardware that doesn’t generally let apps crash or hang. Even with a low RAM iPhone, you can expect apps to run smoothly unless it is an app that requires excess graphics acceleration or more ram than usual. But if your iPhone is having trouble with running common apps like Mail or WhatsApp, a bug may have entered your phone through one of the apps. To make sure apps function correctly, always update your apps. If our apps still crash or work too slow, call for repair and get your phone checked.

Look for unknown Apps

Apps that can pose a security threat, often disguise themselves as legitimate apps. Look around your home screen and see if you find any apps that you don’t remember installing and might have deleted. Try to delete any application that you think was not installed by you, or you don’t use it anymore. You can also go to the app store and tap the Apps icon on the bottom of the screen. If an app on the screen is not from Apple, delete it. If you are having trouble uninstalling the said app, immediately get your iPhone to a repair shop.

Check for Unexplained Data Charges

Malicious programs and viruses work in the background and use your data to connect to its server and further infect your phone. If you see extra charges on your data or messaging bills, it’s possible that a virus is using your internet and messaging app to send texts or download information.

An iPhone is an exclusive piece of electronics and requires expertise when it comes to repairing it. Always look for red flags on your phone and get it checked if you’re having trouble using it. Because your phone is what protects your privacy and compromising on it can cost you a lot.