The Basics of Pet Discipline

Dogs are arguably the most lovable household pet. In fact, in 2018, over 470 million dogs were kept as pets worldwide. On top of this, many fur parents are treating their fur buddies as extended members of their families. Not only do they provide affection and companionship, but dogs can also help you improve your overall health.

Living with dogs can be extremely delightful. However, there will be times when they get too hyper and disobedient. They might start to annoy you, especially when they just “won’t listen.”

Having a well-disciplined dog is a dream come true for any fur parent. Some people, especially first-time pet owners, would call in the professionals to teach their dogs a few basic commands. Other long-time fur parents would prefer to train them on their own.

Whichever you prefer, here are some tips that can help you master dog discipline and successfully tame your puppy every time he gets aggressive:

  1. Invest in professional training

One of the most effective ways to discipline your dogs is to enroll them in professional dog and puppy training. Certified dog trainers are taught how to handle and interpret dog behaviors properly, a skill which most fur parents do not and cannot easily possess. These professionals can provide you with more accurate and creative solutions in disciplining your dog. Hiring a trainer is also more convenient, especially when you lack the time and resources to train your dog yourself.

But despite these benefits, only a few dog owners take their dogs to train. In fact, in the U.S., only 4% of dogs are being enrolled in a training program, while only 4.7% had taken a socialization class, according to the American Pet Product Association. Experts argue that dogs who fail to receive proper socialization and training are most likely to get abandoned, end up in an animal shelter, or get involved in a serious bite incident.

  1. Reinforce positive behaviors

You might get frustrated when your dog gets too hyper and uncontrollable. Worse, you might be tempted to hit him or shout at him just so he would listen. However, experts argue that scolding your dog by punishing him physically will not get him to obey you. In fact, it could make him behave even worse.

Instead of using punishment and dominance, discipline your dog by reinforcing good behaviors. Praise him or give him a treat immediately after he does something right. Rewarding dogs right after the act can help them determine what behaviors are acceptable for their dog owners and what are not.

Also, take the time to choose the most effective reward for your dog. Don’t rely too much on treats. Experts argue that expected rewards like giving treats too often can slow their performance and obedience in the long run. Instead, replace treats with praise, playtime, or toys. You can also mix up your rewards, depending on whatever your dog likes.

  1. Discourage negative and hyper actions

There are several ways on how to tame your dog’s negative actions. However, discouraging unwanted behavior doesn’t have to involve scolding, shouting, or physically hurting them.

Dogs crave and love attention. So when he starts to get too hyper and stops listening to you, the best way to discipline him is to just ignore him. It can be as simple as turning away or looking in the opposite direction when he doesn’t follow your command.

Aside from this, you can take the rewards away once he behaves wrongly. Let them experience the consequences immediately. This technique can make them realize that they lose what they want once they do something their owners do not like.

But when things get out of hand, don’t hesitate to seek the help of professionals or other dog owners to tame your fur buddies.

  1. Be patient

Training your dog requires you to invest a lot of time and effort. Just like humans, dogs learn a new skill when they are being taught diligently. If you’re teaching him new tricks, break them down into smaller steps. Be consistent by practicing with them every day. Also, make sure that your techniques are tailor-fitted to the personality of your dog. Dogs are all different, so take the time to figure out the most effective ways to discipline your fur buddy.

Living with dogs can be quite challenging at times, especially when they become too aggressive. Learning the basics of pet discipline can make a powerful difference in your dog’s behavior. Training him properly will not only improve his attitude but also the relationship you foster.