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How To Weld Machine For Stainless

The melting point of stainless steels is somewhat lower than that of other carbon steels. This particularity makes the application of weld seams easier than that of other types of electrodes.

Just take an appropriate distance and advance to get right quality cords.

Why You Need To Learn To Weld With Stainless Steel Electrodes

The most important reason is that stainless steel electrodes are more expensive than rutile ones, for example.

Also, the welding cords are harder than other materials.

Therefore it will always be more challenging to work with them in the case of having to use a grinder to grind them. The good practice is to learn to weld with rutile electrodes. This is because they are the most similar to stainless steel electrodes.

When welding machine for stainless (ตู้ เชื่อม ส แตน เล ส which is the term in thai), it is advisable to lower the power of the machine as much as possible to melt with low intensity.

In addition to melting at a lower temperature, the more you adjust it, the better the laces are.

With some types of electrodes, you can lower the intensity up to 30% less than with a rutile electrode.

This means that the power demand of the welding machine is much lower than what we are used to using.

How To Go About The Safety Of Welding Stainless Steel

  • Extreme caution is advised here.
  • This is because the slag of stainless steel electrodes cools and crystallizes very quickly.
  • This causes it to shrink and jump dramatically when solidifying.
  • Always wear safety glasses.
  • With welding practices, especially when we have to clean the cords of slag should use the safety glasses.
  • But especially with the stainless laces.
  • They do not wait for you to remove them; they (the trash) jump by themselves and reach heights to reach the eyes more than enough.
  • So, you have to learn to weld with ease with rutile electrodes because they are always cheaper, nothing more.
  • Courage with your practices.