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Why You Need To Choose A Quality Consultant  

A quality consultant is a service provider; he provides advice. Consultants usually work independently, or they can be grouped in consulting firms. He has substantial and significant know-how in a specific field. He may be a specialist or a non-specialist.

The consultant is a specialist outside an organization that is called upon to obtain an opinion, to provide a diagnosis or to help solve a specific problem.

There are several reasons to encourage business leaders to hire an ISO consultant (ที่ปรึกษา ISO which is the term in thai).

Why Choose A Quality Consultant?

·         Specialized Expertise:

In general, the management of a company uses the services of a quality consultant when it needs specific knowledge. Generally, he does not have the requisite skills internally. SMEs or VSEs often use quality consultants.

Objectivity is one of the reasons that can motivate the use of a quality consultant. Indeed, a consultant provides an objective point of view on a complicated situation that involves many people and services within the organization. In setting up and analyzing the quality management system, internal staff may be influenced by their implications, habits, and vision. Because he is outside the consultant can be impartial and objective on the situations encountered. The advice provided to governance is more relevant.

·         Confidentiality:

Sometimes, the implementation of a quality management system induces an analysis around outside elements but in a confidential way. An outside advisor can be beneficial for such studies. Indeed, its lack of involvement in services is a guarantee of transparency and confidentiality.

·         Credibility:

A quality advisor can be asked to present a change or the implementation of a certification project. The decision is made by the management of the company but supported by a consultant. This allows the administration to obtain the necessary support for the realization of the project. The integrity and objectivity of the quality consultant can be a guarantee of success for the certification project: ISO 9001, Quality Management, or ISO 14001 Environmental Management.

·         Work Ability:

Often, the client company lacks the frameworks available to carry out a study or an internal project.