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Best Kitchen Baskets for Your Home

The modern kitchen designs allow you to make the best use of your kitchen space. Paying attention to the way your kitchen is designed is essential to help you maximize your movements and minimize the stress put on your body while performing everyday kitchen duties.

With the full range of accessories, it has become challenging to choose, but you can ask your interior expert to help you make a choice.

This article should help you in planning your home interiors project, with basket (ตะกร้า, which is the term in Thai) options you can choose for your home.

Plain Steel Baskets

Baskets are used for storage and are indispensable for every modular kitchen. Ranging from different types and available in various sizes, you can select the ones you find useful for your purpose. Also, keep in mind the weight you plan to exert on them as all come with the supported amount of pressure indicated on the sticker.

Thali Steel Baskets

These are mainly designed to hold thalis and plates. Again they are available in several sizes.

 Cutlery Baskets

These baskets are equipped with thin adjustable steel wires which are useful in storing small accessories like knives, spoons, and forks.

Bottle Units

These are useful in keeping bottles of sauce, pickles, etc. Indeed, a must have for a kitchen.

Dish Drainer Set

As the name implies, they are useful for drying out dishes. A tray is laid at the bottom to collect the water.

Under Sink Units

If you intend to organize even the sink area, which generally ends up quite messy with the debris, detergent, scrub, etc.; this might be useful.

Tandem Boxes

These can be said to be a better alternative to small steel-wire baskets. They come in varied forms with differing sides.