Great Benefits for Small Businesses from Facebook Ads Campaign

Social giant Facebook is a great podium for small businesses to promote their products or services. There are more than 1.6 billion users from across the world active on Facebook. Imagine the amount of attention your business can grab via Facebook advertising. 

Busy Fox offers reliable and credible search engine optimization services. Businesses even hire them for social media marketing and management projects. If you are adding social media marketing for your small business expansion, then here are some great benefits you will experience from Facebook advertising. 

Drive engagement

When you update your status, post a picture or guest post link on your Facebook page, followers engage with the activities via sharing liking or commenting. An engaged follower is aware of your business and even interested. It is time to move them down a sales funnel. 

Organic engagement will be less, but the Facebook ad will help to enhance post and page engagement and increase your reach before potential consumers.

Micro-target the precise audience

Target audience based on demographics, behaviors, age, interests, locations, languages, and connections. Your competitor’s fans can even be targeted. Audience quality matters than size, so eliminate uninterested users. 

You need conversions, so look for potential customers on Facebook, who are interested in your product. They will most probably purchase your product rather than some random visitors. 

Create ads targeting your goals

The ad creation is made simple. You are guided through every step. You are allowed to choose the ad kind, target type, timeframe, and budget. Ads can be tailored according to the needs of your goal. 

For example, if you desire website clicks or post engagement then create an ad that aligns with it. You are in full control of ad creation and Facebook even guides on how to optimize your ad for better result delivery.

Clicks & conversions are cheaper

The click-through rates on Facebook are steadily increasing because of their enhanced ad tools. Business owners are learning the proper use of ads. Because of improved targeting capabilities, businesses can efficiently target the audiences they desire to reach and that too at a low cost. You will spend most money on ad testing because Facebook ads need to be fine-tuned. Therefore, while setting a budget consider the testing phase cost.

Find new leads with ease

Use Facebook’s feature ‘lookalike audiences’ to attract interested people that convert fast. Define the targeting option and size more deeply to reflect the lookalike audiences accurately. 

Add customized CTC button

The call-to-action button directs your audience towards your business site. Human characteristic needs a reminder to take action. Adding CTC makes a huge difference in ad performance. Users often look for extra information before they decide. 

Facebook ads direct users to your blog or site but you can tailor CTC buttons like Contact Us, Book Now, Sign Up, Apply Now, Learn More, and Download.


Facebook ads allow you to reach more audiences than you ever could organically. Thus, you can easily scale up or down the marketing strategies. Put more cash on the ads that convert well until its stops performing as expected. You can even design duplicate ads for targeting other segments related to that audience. 

For successful Facebook ad campaigning, there is a learning curve, but it will help to take your brand to a new height!