Everything You Need to Know About Coding for BMW

If you’re a car enthusiast, you’re probably a huge fan of your BMW vehicle, and rightly so. Car lovers rave about BMW cars and their features and capabilities.

However, not all of those features are readily available. Some of the functions of a BMW aren’t always usable when the car leaves the factory. Various reasons exist for this, but for the most part, local regulations are the culprit.

This can be a disappointing issue unless you know how to work around it. That’s why you should learn a little bit about coding for BMW. If you’re intrigued, read on.

Coding For BMW Cars

Vehicle coding is fairly new to the automotive realm. Essentially, one uses technological tools to modify a vehicle’s software. This allows for the use of functions that were not available when the vehicle left the factory.

While it may sound complicated, perhaps even risky, this isn’t actually changing a car’s software. It only adjusts already preprogrammed features to unlock a vehicle’s full potential.

You can unlock some cool features of your BMW with coding. You can use your fog lights as a bend light, adjust your roof’s speed limit if the car is a convertible, and you can unlock all your doors with one click. There are even more options available with car coding.

That being said, BMW coding does come with its share of risks. You may end up voiding the warranty for the vehicle since this is technically a third-party intervention. There is also a possibility of permanent change to the electronic systems.

If, in spite of those risks you want to unlock all the features of your BMW, you’ll need a few things for coding.

Items Needed For BMW Coding

To start coding, you’ll need an OBD to Ethernet/USB adaptor, a laptop or computer, and dedicated software. There may be other items you’ll need for coding your car, which can be found at Abrites USA (learn more here).

Before you do anything though, make sure your BMW is a candidate for coding. If it was built in 1995 or sooner, it lacks the OBD2 connection needed for this task. If your car is a candidate, then you’ll need to do some research into your own specific model to find out what features you can unlock and how to unlock them. Your search engine of choice is your friend here.

All of this is fairly easy to get started on. However, it can get complicated if you have no background in tech or electronics. It’s not recommended to do this alone unless you really know what you are doing.

If you want the best results, seek a professional in your area.

More Automotive And Tech Information

Now you know a little bit about coding for BMW cars. This can be very useful in allowing you to use your BMW in cool and useful ways. However, before you cause yourself issues through a DIY mishap, consider bringing in an auto or tech specialist to do the job for you.

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