7 Signs Your Truck Suspension Needs to Be Repaired

Car repairs are the most terrifying thing a car owner can experience, aside from an accident. The odd noises, flashing lights, or billowing smoke invoke abject dread when you think about how much money you’ll have to spend to fix these issues. 

The sooner you take your car in, the better. When you leave a car alone and it has problems, the number of problems it has can multiply. They can also lead to more serious problems. 

Truck suspension is one of the most important parts of your truck. A healthy suspension allows your truck to drive smoothly on the road. Here are seven signs that you need to take your truck in for suspension repair. 

1. Rough Ride

When driving your truck, it should be a smooth ride. Your suspension prevents you from feeling every little bump on the road. If your ride starts feeling bumpy, you may need suspension repair. 

Find truck suspension shops in your town and take your truck in before things become serious. 

2. Drifting When Turning

When there are issues with your suspension, it’s common to experience drifting when you turn. When you turn, and your vehicle drifts to one side, it’s time to take in your truck. 

The main causes of drifting are faulty shocks.

3. Truck Suspension Causes Issues When Stopping

A more serious issue with a broken suspension system is braking issues. Suspension issues can cause a phenomenon called nosedives. This occurs when you step on the brake to stop and the car lurches forward and then downward. 

If you’re having this issue, you’ll need more time to bring your truck to a complete stop.

4. Troubles with Tire Wear

In some cases, your suspension may be worse on one side of your truck than the other. All you need to do is look at your tires to determine if that’s the case. If the tread isn’t even on your tires, one side’s tires are sustaining more of your truck’s weight. 

Worn tire tread can cause even more problems alongside your faulty suspension. 

5. Your Truck Leans to One Side

If your truck leans or sits more on one side than the other, it’s time to take it in for suspension repair. To tell, step away from your car and take stock of its height. This issue is generally the result of issues with the springs. 

6. Oily Shocks

A visual inspection of your truck’s shocks can tell you if there are suspension issues. Check for damage or cracks.

If the shocks are oily, this means they are leaking suspension fluid, which is a serious problem. 

7. Failing the Bounce Test

To check your suspension, you can put it through something known as the bounce test. Put your car in park and go to the front of the truck and press it down. If the vehicle bounces multiple times, there’s a problem with the suspension. 

Perform this test a few times just to be sure. 

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Your truck suspension is an integral part of your truck’s ability to operate safely. If your truck bounces, leans to one side, has oily shocks, and has issues when turning or stopping, take your car in for suspension maintenance.

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