Custom software development stages

Every business at some point needs to go online. Whether you need a website, e-commerce portal, mobile application, or a software system, you will have to address a professional custom software development firm. 

Read this post to discover the steps that every project goes through before the release. It will show you what to expect from services for custom software development.

The stages of tailored software development

Depending on the type, scale, and the needs of the project, the development stages can slightly differ. However, the general order of actions for creating software is quite universal.


The team starts working on the design once they have collected the technical specifications. They include the type of the project and the key features that need to be included. 

Your vendor creates an MVP, which is usually a prototype. It allows you to see how the users are going to interact with an app. Even though it is still far from a finished product, this prototype demonstrates your idea to potential customers and sponsors.


Code is that part of the work that is usually associated with software development as such. It is important that the code is sufficiently optimized, concise, and understandable. 

The development stage is often defined in backend and frontend programming. 

  • The backend is responsible for the functionality behind the app. It connects the application to the server, processes data and manages user connections.
  • Frontend programmers work on what the user will see – the visual elements of websites and applications.


Testing is a necessary stage of software development. It allows to check the quality of the software and find bugs before the product is released.  Test results are documented and available to the client in real-time. Payment for the product is made only after passing all types of tests, including client tests.

Basic principles of custom software development

When choosing a software engineering company for your project, pay attention to the values of the company:

  • Focus on quality. It’s important that the company was focusing on following the standards and applying the best practices and methodologies of high-quality development (i.e. Agile), hired qualified specialists, had a streamlined and powerful product testing system.
  • Communication and management. A digital project can easily become a mess without a proficient product manager and transparency in communication. So it is important that your firm valued these components as one of the most important in their business success.
  • Adaptability and flexibility. In some projects, it is not possible to clearly formulate requirements at the stage of compilation of technical requirements. Sometimes the client needs changes at the later stages. Your software vendor should treat these situations with understanding and foresee their probability and agree with the client on working conditions in such a case.

Final thoughts

Seeking collaboration with professional custom software developers is a way to develop a high-quality digital product. In general, custom development works great for stable companies with unique business processes that want to have a strong presence in the IT world.