Amazing Applications for Video Content Lovers 

There are abundant options out there for you to pick from if you want to watch videos and download the ones that you like. You can easily come across various types of video applications that are absolutely as per your specific needs. Android has certainly open up a new arena of pleasure and variety for users.

In case you have never experienced abundant of videos and movies that too without any expenditure then you should do it now. There are some amazing applications that get you all the videos and movies for free and without any hassle or delays. Following are a few of these apps:

AVD Download Video  

This is an effective, popular and wonderful application for downloading good quality videos that too without any kind of challenges. This app is there with an exclusive and devoted browser that automatically detects any type of streaming media and asks the user to download the particular document on the device the user is using.  You might not have to get into the procedure of copying the link of the video and then opening the apps pasting the URL for downloading the movie or video. No matter you are surfing via a networking site or even a random page, in case there is a media link, your app is going to detect for you and you can comfortably download it.

Amazing Video Downloader

Do you own a URL of the video that you want to download? Well, if yes then this app is nice. It is going to help you downloading the video, no matter from where you have got its URL. The application works in an effective and flawless way. The navigation is absolutely easy to do and the finest part is that you can also do pause the downloading procedure in case you urgently have to go to loo or you have to make a call or even your battery is going to die. You can effortlessly resume the video downloading once you are free.


It is also a good and preferred application for downloading and watching the videos movies. You can find content on this app through different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, and so on. In this way, you would have a blissful and effective experience.  The app also gets you the choice to select the formats and resolutions you want the videos or movies to be in. this way, you get all the ease and features you might expect from a good app. the application is quick and speed is two hundred times faster than other apps. The user interface is pretty impressive too. 


Thus, it is time that you get all these video applications right away. You can get them for free once you do 9apps download. Thisthird-party play store is free of cost and gets you all the applications that you want. It is easy to use, smooth in its working and has no down points this play store would never disappoint anyone in any way.