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Tips for Parents on Home-schooling Their Children

Since the start of this pandemic, parents have no choice but to homeschool their children. Schools aren’t in full operation, and classes have moved online. Although online classes allowed the learning process to continue, parents have to get more involved. As such, this setup has become even more stressful. If...

5 Retirement Planning Strategies for Late Starters

If you are nearing retirement but haven’t yet invested in a feasible retirement solution plan and now feel that is too late to start investing, you are wrong. As the old saying goes, where there is a will there is a way, if you are keen on building a retirement...

Is there any difference between SIP and SWP?

Gone are the days when investors had to manually visit the fund house and fill out a long form to make a simple investment in a mutual fund. Now one can invest in mutual funds from the comfort of their home or office. All they need is a smartphone or...

Will SIP investments hamper my long term financial goals?

A Systematic Investment Plan, commonly referred to as SIP in the mutual fund industry is an easy and hassle free way to invest in mutual funds. The term SIP has become so synonymous with mutual funds that some people actually confuse SIP for mutual funds. SIP is not mutual funds,...

Milking Every Moment of Your Life as a Student

School sucks—a line everyone must have uttered once in their life while they were in school. Homework, unnecessarily strict teachers, and P.E. have infinitesimal redeeming qualities. In retrospect, life is so much easier when you're still a student—at least charter schools are ready to adapt to what's best for you. In "real...

How Do You Evaluate a Good Side Hustle in the New Normal?

Many people have lost their jobs due to the impact of the pandemic. Thankfully, there have been some signs of recovery after US unemployment figures reached a historic high in April. But as of June 2020, many cities are still reeling, with a jobless rate of over 15%. In this sort...

Three Episodes of Black Mirror and Their Implications in Real Life

The sci-fi anthology series, Black Mirror, has made its way into the charts of Netflix for being formidable in its grim tales of technological horror. This series is so bleak that the creators themselves refused to release a new season because the world is already suffering enough. From virtual realities, electronic...

Relieving Stress-related Neck and Back Pain

There’s always a certain level of stress that’s present in most of our lives. No one lives with zero stress in his or her life. Even mega-billionaires stress out about their investments and inheritances. Celebrities are stressed about how the public perceives them. Athletes are normally stressed out because of...
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