Tips for Parents on Home-schooling Their Children

Since the start of this pandemic, parents have no choice but to homeschool their children. Schools aren’t in full operation, and classes have moved online. Although online classes allowed the learning process to continue, parents have to get more involved. As such, this setup has become even more stressful. If you’re one of these parents, you can consider these tips to help you get through the difficulty of homeschooling your children.

Keep in touch with the teachers

You’re not an experienced teacher, and you will have a hard time teaching your children. The teachers are working hard to make things easier for parents. If you have questions, you can always consult with the teachers. You can refer to the curriculum provided if uncertain how to deal with the lesson. You don’t have to get through this process alone.

Teach life skills

The problem when you ask your children to sit and study the lessons is that you’re not teaching crucial skills. The beauty of homeschooling is that you have more opportunity to teach beyond what’s in the textbooks. You can show your children how to cook, maintain a garden, fix broken items, and many other things. Some of these skills might not even be on the school’s curriculum. Try to insert them in the schedule so your children won’t feel bored. Studying life skills that require practical application can also be exciting.

Never argue with your child

It’s frustrating when you already tried everything, but your child doesn’t seem interested at all. Your study periods usually end up with an argument. Before scolding your child, you have to consider that you could also be at fault. Calm down and don’t get angry right away. Discuss how your child wants to move forward with the lesson. Don’t make all the decisions. Your child should have a voice in the process. It’s their education at stake, and you can’t make all the decisions yourself.

Arrange the schedule well

At school, children have to follow a rigid schedule. The day might start with a maths class followed by science before taking a break. At home, you don’t need the same strict schedule. You can try to change the activities each day to make the class more fun. It would help if you also took regular breaks. Both of you need it. Your child might feel exhausted studying for several hours, and you also feel the same.

During the break, you can head to the bathroom and relax. You should purchase and install one of the amazing modern freestanding baths to help you forget the stressful homeschooling session with your child. It’s also an opportunity to be away from the homeschool setup for a while. Between working from home and homeschooling, you deserve a long break.

Parents have to adjust to this new reality. It seems like schools won’t open any time soon. There are still viral transmissions around the world, and schools could be a breeding ground for the virus. Be patient and think about homeschooling as an opportunity to spend more time with your child.