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7 Secrets To Protect Your Hardwood Floors From Scratches And Damage

When you’re shopping flooring supplies for your dream home, you’ll learn how advantageous hardwood floors can be. They’re elegant-looking, easy to maintain, and long-lasting. But overtime, they can still get damaged and suffer from scratches. In this article, you’ll learn seven secrets on how to make your hardwood flooring system always look brand-new.

Regularly clean. Like what any owners of flooring stores would recommend, nothing beats regularly cleaning as a means of upkeeping your hardwood flooring system. Just bear in mind that when you use a vacuum, its setting is suitable for hardwood floors. Also use a wood-safe wash — never use water or products that contain degrading agents like ammonia as they can prematurely damage your floor.

Invest in rugs and carpeting. Mats, rugs, and carpets add a layer of protection to any flooring system. These will keep dirt from tarnishing your floor and prevent stains from seeping through these coverings, prolonging the life of your flooring system. When you have these items in your home, it is also your responsibility to regularly clean them.

Use felt tabs to protect your floor from your furniture. When shopping for flooring supplies, you must also consider how much furniture is there in the room where the hardwood will be installed. You should also invest in felt tabs to be placed underneath the legs of your furniture to prevent them from damaging your floors. And speaking of furniture, you should avoid chairs or tables with rollers as these can leave scratches on your flooring system.

Observe a “keep your shoes off” policy. Though the debris tracked in your shoes may be small, when they get scratched along the floor they can leave visible damage. Other types of shoes like high heels and cleats can also damage wood materials. To maintain a good-looking hardwood flooring system, it’s advisable to implement and observe a “keep your shoes off” policy. Consequently, you can invest in slippers for exclusive use inside your home.

Trim your pet’s paws. Like what any staff working in flooring stores would advise, make it a point to trim your pet’s paws especially if you have a hardwood flooring system. As pets can easily get excited and run around your residential space, it’s inevitable for them to cause damage and scratches on your floor — specifically on floors installed in areas with high traffic like your kitchen and hallways.

Apply protective topcoats and finishes. Every few years or so, flooring experts also advise homeowners to have their hardwood floors be refinished. Different protective topcoats are available in the market — including polyurethane and moisture-cured urethane. These topcoats will help make your hardwood look brand-new and resistant to certain kinds of scratches.

Occasionally rearrange your floor plan. To maximise the life of the hardwood floor you’ve ordered from your trusted flooring supplies shop, experts also recommend rearranging your floor plan on a periodic basis. By cautiously moving your furniture from time to time, you are helping your floor age evenly and allowing stresses to be redistributed strategically.

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