Milking Every Moment of Your Life as a Student

School sucks—a line everyone must have uttered once in their life while they were in school. Homework, unnecessarily strict teachers, and P.E. have infinitesimal redeeming qualities.

In retrospect, life is so much easier when you’re still a student—at least charter schools are ready to adapt to what’s best for you. In “real life,” authorities rarely even bat an eye. While you’re still in school, milk every waking moment of it and create memories worth looking back to.

Don’t worry too much about grades

According to a survey with 233 high-income people, there is no direct relationship between grades and future economic success. The survey found that 41 percent of these millionaires were B students and only 21 percent were A students.

Numbers on a paper may determine how well one has studied for a quiz, but it doesn’t determine a person’s full potential. There’s so much more to life than learning how to find ‘x’ or memorizing the periodic table of elements. The real lessons happen outside of the classroom, in relationships with other people, and managing oneself.

Then again, it’s important to remember that having adequate grades is needed to carry on with school. Sure, don’t vex too much about those numbers, but that doesn’t mean students should not care about it.

Experience things outside the classroom

This is where learning outside the four walls of the classroom takes place. Extracurricular activities help students find their interests while they’re still young. When they join certain groups, they cultivate a sense of belonging while interacting with different kinds of people.

As a result, students develop their social skills as well. Because they need to work with others in order to get to the same goal, students learn the value of teamwork and leadership.

These activities also harness volunteerism within students since these are not required and done during school after hours. This is good because volunteerism has been linked to better mental health and well-being.

For a student who doesn’t excel in academics, their extracurricular activities can be a strength on the résumé. What they don’t tell you in the classroom is that employers know all these benefits of extracurricular activities.

Have fun!

The adults are not lying when they say the “real world” is unforgiving. Daily homework, strict teachers, and P.E. can never live up to what adulting has in store for everyone. So, have fun while you’re still in school. Make new friends. Diversify your circle. Go out on a road trip. Join a sport. Run for office. Do anything that may interest you.

The day after wearing the toga can shock you with how much time you have on your hands. Now, what’s there to do? Well, there’s a lot—more than you could ever imagine.

It’s terrifying and existential-dread-inducing, but you can always take it one step at a time. Maybe you could start by making a CV or even enjoying a day without classes.

So much of adulting is flailing around, but it helps to know what you want and what your end goal is. Nevertheless, brace yourself for constant changes since nothing is ever set to stone in this world. It’s going to be a tough ride, but it’s something worth sitting out for.

Meta Title: A Reminder to Make the Most Out of Your Years as a Student

Meta Description: Yes, school can be tough, but all these years in school can give way to some of the best memories of your life. So make the most out of it with these three simple reminders.