Why You Should Take Breaks In Between When Using Computer 

All over the world people are using computers and mobile phones. And most of the time at workplace people is constantly glued to their computer screens for various kinds of works. And some of them are using glasses and some are using lens. People are not aware that the computer lights can affect their eye health very badly; it can even injure their eyesight and make their vision blurry. So, it is very important for them to protect their eyes and use glasses that can bar the harmful lights from computer screens and mobile phones. Even if you don’t wear glasses, you should have one for the safety of your eye when you are using computers or mobile phones.  This site will give more information.

How Computer Light Damages the Cornea – 

Many times people suffer from headache but they don’t know the exact cause for the same, it is because they are glued to their computer screens and work so much. The lights from the computer screen affect the cornea and pressurize the sensitive surfaces of cornea. So, when you have a head ache you can check your cornea whether it has thin red lines or redness. Exposure of eye to dust and direct sunlight can also affect the eye and cause irritation in the cornea. 

How Harmful Can Light Be? 

There are many people who wear lens to protect their eyesight and sit in front of computer screen. And they feel that lens can protect the eyesight. But the truth is that lens can only help in making your vision better, but it cannot protect the eye from harmful lights, including sunlight. Lenses are made of a very soft substance and people have to handle it with care. But the computer lights and sunlight is so strong, that it can pierce the lenses and cause strain to the eyes also. 

Use Quality Glasses – 

So, it is very important that people use good quality lens and glasses when using computer and also during direct exposure to sunlight. It is also important that they take breaks from their computer work and also blink as much as possible to maintain the moistness in the eye, so that the eye doesn’t gets dried.Plus, to protect your eyes during the office work people should use good eye drops that can keep your eyes cool. Also, the glasses that people use should be of a good company and it is important that people clean the glasses frequently after use and in between the use. 

Don’t Use Cleaning Solutions for Glasses – 

It is also important that when you buy a protective glasses that bars computer light you don’t use any kind of cleaning solutions or sprays in your glasses, as it can alter the coating of the glass which protects your eye from computer light and other form of lights. Always use a clean soft clothing material to wipe the glasses. And that cloth material should be kept in the dark away from dust and sunlight and never wash that cloth with soap and water.