What You Should Write in an Engagement Announcement Card

After dating for months or a few years, you and your lover may decide to inform people about your marriage. When you decide to do so, the act is known as an engagement announcement. There are several ways you can announce your engagement to people like through social media platforms, newspapers, and preparing a card. However, some members of society might not be satisfied with a social media announcement, thus, you have to take a step and prepare an engagement announcements card. If you need an engagement announcement card, MixBook photos are the best in designing and producing them. The below paragraph shows what an engagement card should entail.

What should an engagement card entail?

   For you to have the best engagement announcement card, there are several things you must include. These tips allow your engagement card to sound either formal or informal. They include:

  •       The first thing you should do is to select the color and material of the engagement card. The color you choose should be presentable, and your friends and family members should not strain to read text from it. According to love specialists, the best color to choose is pure white. It is crucial to choose a hard textured paper that will last for a long time.
  •       Include your name and your lover’s name on the front page of the engagement announcement card. This is because most people are interested to see the name of the bride and the bridegroom first. Your names should be followed by a text telling people about your marriage.
  •       Share the names of parents from both sides and where they live.
  •       In the engagement card, show the venue of your wedding and the date when you will get married. This information keeps people informed, and they can even decide to contribute some funds for the wellness of your wedding.  For the sake of those who are new to the venue, you can include a short detailed map showing the direction of the venue.
  •       Telling people the place where you asked your lover ”will you marry me” and she said ”yes” will bring a lot of sense to them. Include a picture of writings on the beach sand or any other memorable picture. Set the picture at the right place in the card to prevent it from hiding some words. It is also good to choose the best theme for your picture.
  •       Provide a summary of your love life until when you decided to become married. Show people how long you have been dating and some of the challenges you have faced together. Also include some information about your future plans and goals. This information may inspire a younger teenager who might have lost faith in love.

An engagement announcement card should be designed in a way that every person will be excited about it. If you are not capable of designing your card, consult MixBook photos, and they will design it for you. They are the best in design, and their price is affordable. 




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