How Malayalam Keyboard Can Ease Your Typing Problems

With technological advances, new ways of communication emerged. Typing is crucial as we can chat with people if we fail to learn the basics of typing. Communication needs effort and it is that one quality that everyone should possess. 

However, typing in regional language is trickier than it seems. Primarily because very few keyboards seem to incorporate the essence of other languages to provide a holistic experience. 

Often the other dialects just remain as an added feature without really providing an enriching experience to the users. 

India, a land of diverse culture and languages, especially suffers from this dilemma since the nation embodies a flurry of unique, authentic and yet phonetically different from each other.

Bharat keyboard seemed to be one of the earliest enterprises that seemed to bridge this gap to provide every user an avenue to converse in their local language, something everyone takes immense pride in.

In this article, we will explore how the Malayalam keyboard can ease typing problems and successfully went on to be one of the most downloaded Manglish keyboards with more than one million users and 4.8 ratings.


What are the broad categories of typing problems that Malayalam users typically encounter?

Well, many but mainly due to the absence of a Malayalam Keyboard App, especially made and formulated keeping the unique needs, demands and desires of the native Malayalam speakers at the summit. 

  • There was an absence of an authentic Malayalam Keyboard that aimed at giving a holistic, enriching, and entertaining experience.
  • People had to resort to a common keyboard since the regional keyboard lacked the vivacity, specification and appeal.
  • The previous regional keyboards to serve the need of Malayalam speakers were technologically outdated and lacked experimentation to keep up with the pace of the newer generations
  • There is more to conversation now rather than mere typing. Chatting is not only about expressing words but also using visually engaging pieces to make it worthwhile.
  • One Manglish keyboard that incorporated all these features to be users-friendly was a figment of imagination. 

The solutions provided by the avant-garde, unconventional and feature-rich Bharat’s Manglish keyboard 

Bharat’s Manglish keyboard is equipped with state-of-the-earth technologies such as artificial intelligence. AI has revolutionized the realm of innovation. Hence, keyboards are not an exception. With the power of algorithms that can be trained, Bharat’s Manglish keyboard linked with AI understands the users’ intent and provides customised solutions for every individual need.

The Bharat’s Manglish Keyboard, introduced specifically for the present generation, has attained tremendous popularity and won the hearts of young people with its user-friendly keyboard.

There is a predominance of non-text, vernacular and personalised visual correspondence over conventional practice.

Bharat Keyboard launched the Malayalam typing keyboard that is useful for switching English to Malayalam or translating your text to Malayalam by typing or speaking inside the Malayalam Keyboard.

The most genuine Malayalam language application out there is Malayalam Keyboard Online. To show your emotions and thoughts, the software adapts to your particular style. This gives you a sleek and candid typing experience, either by transliterating English into Malayalam or by typing on the Manglish keyboard to translate your text into Malayalam. There is a large selection of emojis on the built-in emoji keyboard. It also knows and accurately forecasts your favourite emoji and messages, so you can still give the right answers to your mates. In addition to that, it also lets us send Malayalam text to make the talk more enjoyable and entertaining in a range of trendy and engaging fonts. Download Malayalam Keyboard here!