Apt for a magnificent Marriage: A Marriage lawn in Lucknow made the wedding even grand

Banquet halls or marriage lawns, we think of them at first whenever a wedding is fixed. For the huge celebration of a marriage, a suitable marriage lawn is a must. You can’t have your desired decoration or other titivations without a perfect wedding venue. I recently attended a wedding in Lucknow and I have to admit that the marriage lawns in Lucknow are huge and just apt for a regal wedding. The grandeur of the marriage lawn that I went to, was just awe-aspiring.

As I attended the wedding with one of my cousins, I did not know much about the couple or the other guests so my full concentration was on the wedding arrangements…Yes, that is weird but true. I enjoyed the food and paid attention to the arrangements done at the marriage hall. I must say, everything was perfect. I have been to Lucknow several times but never joined any wedding there so it was a good experience for me as you can take the feeling of a majestic wedding only in Lucknow which is also called the “City of Nawabs”. Well, that’s true in the sense that the people of Lucknow pay utmost attention to the sake of their guests. They feel highly obliged when any guests attend their occasions.

As it was a lawn or marriage garden where the wedding took place it had a pure garden like view with so much greenery. The best part was that the garden had so many real flowers and the different coloured flowers looked magnificent when they were decorated with fairy lights. All the guests at the wedding were decked-up really good. 

I really liked the overall aura of the wedding but there were some things that I want to focus on because they have blown my mind guys.

Grand enough

I think there were around 1000 to 1200 people at the wedding and the marriage lawn was just perfect to accommodate all the guests. It was very grand. At some nuptials, you can see people struggling to have a sitting place but this place very well organized with ample space. The prudent use of the floor area made it more convenient for the guests to have a comfortable feel. The lawn also had a small play area with some swings for small kids. All the kids were just playing in their mood and looked really happy.


Enticing décor


When you have a perfect setting or venue, you can have a perfect décor as well! The marriage garden was beautifully decorated with flowers and colourful drapes. The center of attraction at the wedding was the mandap…of course only after the couple!!! The mandap was modishly embellished and it was serene and simple. I could not see any corner without decoration, it was so flawlessly done. I really loved the adornment of the wedding venue. It was looking like a fairy tale type of place.


Appetizing food


Oh! I love wedding food! There were several varieties of cuisines in the marriage and the marriage lawn was so big that every cuisine had a special corner. Well, I have never seen such a setting before in my life so it was very exciting for me. When I was having food at different counters, it was feeling like I am having my dinner in different restaurants. 

Luring lights

The decoration included lights but, the venue already had some amazing light objects like a grand jhoomar and paper lanterns that looked really amazing. The trees at the wedding lawn were decorated with fairy lights. Mandap was embellished with hanging lights which really created a magical affair at the wedding. It looked very pleasant and everybody at the wedding appreciated the decoration. I am happy that I went with my cousin because it was a remarkable experience for me to attend such a royal wedding.


The services for guests at the wedding were top-notch. There were cabs available for the guests who had to leave for the airport or railway station. The waiters in the marriage were also good at their work as they offered drinks and appetizers to every guest. The sitting arrangement was nicely done with some decorative ideas using the umbrella.

I am very impressed with all the arrangements done at the nuptial and all this was possible because of a perfect marriage lawn and organizers.