What Is a Controlled Substance?

There are numerous types of medications that someone might take and some of them fall under the category of a controlled substance. In some cases, these are referred to as scheduled substances because they are on the list of schedules that contain all of the controlled substances that are manufactured and distributed in the United States. It is important for everyone to be familiar with controlled substances, what they mean, and why they might be dangerous.

Are All Prescription Medications Controlled Substances?

Some people think that all prescription medications are controlled substances. This is not the case. While it is true that all controlled substances require a prescription, not all prescription drugs are subjected to the level of scrutiny that accompanies controlled substances. If something is controlled, then it is followed much more carefully by the regulatory authorities. There are a few reasons why this is the case.

Why Do They Control Certain Medications?

There are several reasons why the authorities might want to control certain medications a bit closer than others. First, there is an illegal drug trade that takes place on the black market involving some controlled substances. These are medications and drugs that have a high street value or can be used as a basis to make stronger, more powerful drugs. The second reason why these medications are controlled is that they are prone to abuse, which only contributes further to the drug epidemic that this country is currently fighting. These are a few reasons why controlled substances are a thing.

Are Controlled Substances Dangerous?

It is true that certain controlled substances can be dangerous if they are not taken under the supervision and instructions of a doctor. Some controlled substances can be addictive, so taking them for too long could cause someone to develop a dependency. The good news is that as long as people follow the instructions of a trained health professional, they should be able to enjoy the benefits of controlled substances for certain health conditions without being exposed to dangerous side effects or complications.

Take a Controlled Substance Carefully

This is a brief overview of what constitutes a controlled substance. It is important for everyone to make sure they are careful if they are taking controlled substances. These substances are controlled for a reason and they could be hazardous to someone’s health if they do not follow the instructions of the doctor. On the other hand, controlled substances can also lead to major health benefits and are used to treat and control serious conditions.