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The Benefits of Sound Insulation

These days, most people are aware of the temperature regulation benefits of insulation. It makes a world of difference, keeping the inside cool during the summer and warm during winter. However you might be wondering: does insulation help with sound control?

Not all insulation is designed to reduce sound. So it is important to understand which insulation will help reduce noise within a building, as well as absorb noise from outside. The main difference between regular insulation and sound insulation is the thickness and density of the insulation material. Thicker and denser insulation material means a greater ability to absorb sound waves and reduce the noise inside a building.

Types of sound insulation

The most common types of sound insulation used to reduce noise pollution are glasswool and polyester. Glasswool, also known as fibreglass, is made from recycled glass materials while polyester batts are made from recycled plastic bottles, and tend to be more expensive than glasswool. Several other options are available, including low allergen batts, and batts made with renewable bio-based materials.

In order to determine which acoustic insulation is best for your needs, it would be wise to speak to a professional. Whether you’re looking to make your home more private, create a peaceful restaurant environment, or help improve productivity in an office, sound insulation comes with numerous benefits.

Create private spaces

Sound insulation is a valuable addition to any building, but it is especially important for those in high-traffic areas, or for homes in close proximity to neighbours. When you install sound insulation in outer walls, the batts will absorb the sound vibrations from traffic, barking dogs and neighbors. This means the inside can remain a private oasis from the noise outside.

You can also install sound insulation in the inner walls of a building to reduce sound travelling from room to room. This can give members of a family their own sound-space, or help keep meetings in an office private.

A peaceful indoor environment

The constant buzz of noise can make it difficult to be productive or relax, and can increase stress levels. Investing in sound insulation is not only an investment in privacy, it will also help create a peaceful, welcoming environment. Whether this is for a home, office, restaurant or other, having an environment free of excess noise is a great benefit for those who use the space.

Increase the value of your building

If you install sound insulation, you will not only increase the privacy and peace of your space, you will also increase the value of your building. In the future, if you are looking to sell, having sound insulation will be a valuable selling point.

All the usual benefits of thermal insulation

Sound insulation isn’t just useful for reducing noise pollution, it also has all the usual benefits of regular thermal insulation. That means, sound insulation will help maintain a cool indoor space during summer, and prevent warm air from escaping in winter. Having the temperature inside your building efficiently regulated will mean you’ll be saving money on energy bills, and reducing your footprint on the environment.

If you’re building or renovating: use sound insulation

Sound insulation can be installed in the ceiling, floor and walls and between the floors of a building. For walls, the batts are placed in between the frame, before the walls have been lined with plaster. Therefore, the optimal time for installing sound insulation is during construction or renovation. If you’re in this stage, you should seriously consider installing sound insulation for all the benefits it will bring.

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