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Benefits of Having a Landscape Designer

Want to boost the appeal and aesthetic of your property? An often overlooked aspect of home design is landscaping. While having a large yard may be a good bonus to your property, it’s what you do with it that can really make the difference between your home and the homes around you. So if you’re wanting a striking home that sets you apart, it may be a good idea to look into landscape design.

What is landscape design and its importance?

Landscape design simply refers to the way your landscape and garden is planned and put together. Landscape design, when done right, can actually not only add to the style of your home, but also the value of your property! While you may be tempted to DIY your landscaping yourself, this is one of the times when having a professional landscape designer planning your Perth garden design can really boost property value, as investing in this area of your home properly actually makes your home more attractive to possible buyers.

Not only this, but it also creates beautiful green buffer zones to increase the liability of the places that we live in, while also providing a great environment for entertaining guests and overall relaxing in the privacy of your own home. Professional landscape designers are knowledgeable about the elements of landscape design as well as environmentally-friendly options for landscaping. If you’re after a good, easy to care for Perth garden design, consulting with a landscape designer will provide you with the information you need, whether it’s questions about which reticulation systems are best to use, or what types of plants are best suited to the weather of your area year-round, making it easier to maintain your landscape design over time.

What are the four elements of landscape design?

When it comes to landscape design, professionals focus on four elements to provide a coherent and striking look that is both functional and stylish. The four elements of landscape design are form, line, texture, and colour. These four aspects must be used together to complement and contrast the style of landscape that you are going for, in order to maximise the appeal of your garden. While colour is perhaps the most used element of landscape design, the other three aspects help to draw the eye and provide a dynamic look without having a garden that is too busy that is comes across as messy and unkempt.

Professional landscapers are experienced in drawing up plans and executing designs that not only take into account your existing home design so that it is complemented well by the garden area, but they also consider your needs and requirements for your new green space. By ascribing to the four elements of landscape design, they’ll be able to provide you with a striking landscape plan, whether you are wanting an area that also doubles as an entertaining space, or even if you want to include water installations and an abundance of greenery for a natural feel.

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