Should You Pay For Ads?

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Are you a business owner? Would you like to expand your business? If so, you may be wondering if you should pay for ads in order to grow your company beyond its current standing.

The short answer is: yes.

Paid advertisements should be incorporated into your budget. For this reason, It’s important to know how to run an ad campaign.

So in this article, we’ll discuss why and how to start running ads effectively. Sound interesting? Then keep reading.

Why You Should Pay For Ads

When it comes to business, growth is the name of the game. Without a steadily growing clientele base, it’s only a matter of time before things fizzle out.

Organic reach is great, however, you’re limiting what’s possible for your business is that’s all you’re relying on.

The online space is hyper-competitive.

Thousands of businesses are vying for the attention of the same customers as you. As such, they are utilizing the power of paid advertising to position themselves in front of those customers.

It’s hard for people to find you and your services on Google if you’re at the bottom of the barrel on page 49 of the search results.

A paid ad campaign is a necessity for any business that wants to remain relevant and competitive.

The Good And Bad

You may think that not having an advertising budget is important to your business. After all, you’ve come this far already, right?

Not so fast, let’s look at the pros and cons and do a quick comparison.


  • Targeted ads hit specific audiences
  • You have full control over how much money is spent
  • It’s fast and will typically produce results quicker than the organic alternative


  • You’ll have to spend money
  • Testing, assessments, and trial and error is required

Clearly, a lot more good than bad comes from paid advertisements. This makes it well worth the investment.

Forming Your Ad Strategy

Now that you understand the importance of paid advertising, let’s look at the variables to help craft a strategy. Here are a few things to consider.


We all know the importance of keywords. They are the words and phrases your ideal customer avatar uses to describe a problem or pain point in a  search query.

By identifying and using keywords, you can show up in the search results when your ideal client is looking for a solution to their problem.

Landing Page

A landing page is designed to capture emails. That’s it. Every company needs an email list to connect with and promote to their customers. And a landing page is designed with the sole purpose to help you do that.

In exchange for their email, you offer your prospect something of value such as an ebook, a mini-course, a PDF, etc, to help them with a particular problem.

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Grow Your Business With Paid Advertising Today

When you pay for ads, it’s like giving your business the boost it needs to expand to the next level. For this reason, ads are most certainly worth it.

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