Recruitment – An Amazing Career for Graduates

Are you graduating this summer? Have you just graduated? If so, there is a high chance that you will now be looking for your first full time job. Do not worry! We know that this can be hard, with the decision of which industry to go into often being one of the hardest and scariest decisions that people make! It does not have to be this way though – there are many amazing industries for graduates to throw themselves into, with one of the most leading and beneficial options being for graduates to consider careers in recruitment.

Keep on reading to discover why we believe recruitment to be one of the greatest career choices for graduates…

What makes recruitment a brilliant career option for graduates?


  1. When working in the recruitment industry you get rewarded for how hard you work, meaning that if you try your best, it will be noticed and you will be rewarded in turn. The majority of recruitment roles offer basic salaries with the chance to earn great commission, urging workers to work as hard as possible at all times. Recruitment if a great career choice for everyone that sees money as a motivator.
  2. Working in recruitment is never boring, with each day differing from the next, allowing workers to keep excited and on-their-toes! Recruitment is non-stop and fast-paced, perfect for people that like busy environments and that do not like to do the same things day-in-day-out. Some of the things that recruiters are expected to do include reviewing CVs, interviewing potential clients, setting up meetings and creating job adverts, allowing recruiters to learn and develop a range of skills and techniques.
  3. Recruitment is a good career option for graduates as it is one where they are provided with the chance to progress at their own pace. If you are willing to work hard within recruitment and are passionate about recruiting, you will be able to work your way up the ladder of any recruitment company that you choose to work for.
  4. Recruitment allows graduates to further develop their existing skillsets with recruiters constantly required to work on their communication and IT skills! Recruiters need to have good attention to detail, the ability to work alone as a team and much more.
  5. Recruitment is incredibly rewarding because you get to make a difference, placing the most suitable candidates in the best roles and enabling businesses to develop and grow!

What are you waiting for? If you want to become a top recruiter and spend your days placing the best candidates in the most outstanding Financial PR jobs in London, consider a career in recruitment today! We are certain that you will love it and that you will not look back. Alternatively, you could contact a specialist recruitment company such as Premier Resourcing whom will no doubt be delighted to assist you.