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Reasons That Make Living in Switzerland Worthwhile

For four years in a row, Singapore was the top country to live for expats until Switzerland took over that position. Although it is a small country, Switzerland’s popularity grows every year with many expats choosing to move and live here than any other country in the world. The reason for this is that it has something to offer every expat or person that moves here irrespective of whether they are city or country people.

Why live in Switzerland?

Famed for its ski mountains, Alps, chocolate and some of the most expensive watches in the world, Switzerland boasts of a moderate continental climate, high standards of living, great homes, excellent food, low crime rates and cleanliness. There are many other reasons why it is the top country to live and work, and below are some of the reasons.

Housing, work and residence permits

If you are relocating to Switzerland, the first thing you should understand is the housing market. Being a small country, there is limited space for housing and therefore most people relocating here rent apartments. Only about 30% of people in the country own their own homes. Finding a house to live in any new country is not an easy thing to do and you should therefore have the best housing agents and real estate dealers to help you find the right place.

To help you out with your new home search, you can get in touch with trusted real estate gurus such as Cosmos Values Real Estate, who know every inch of the country and who will support you in establishing yourself in the country. Cosmos not only helps you with finding the right home or business premises, but they will be with you all the way from acquiring your residence and work permits.


Whichever city you decide to relocate to in Switzerland, you can rest assured that your child will get the best education because the whole country boasts of excellence. You will have a choice of many options between public and private schools. In the mix are also numerous international schools that meet all the needs of the children from different parts of the world.

Though adjusting to any new system comes with challenges, you can trust your real estate agents to find you a place that will not inconvenience the children as they adjust to their new schools.

Working environment

One of the reasons many expats go to Switzerland is because of work. Though the job market is competitive in the country especially for unskilled labour, expats have it much easier when it comes to landing jobs. The jobs are lucrative with some of the highest salaries and lowest taxes in the world which makes saving in this country better than in many other countries.

Unlike many other countries, working in Switzerland is also much more relaxing as employees do not encourage overtime but productivity during normal working hours. Employees in Switzerland also have compulsory vacation times where they can relax and do their own things.Some of the leading international companies with offices in Switzerland include Roche, L’Oreal, Boots, Nestle, and Novartis among many others.

Recreational activities

As small as the country is, it has a lot to offer when it comes to recreational activities. Thecountry is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world and they come here to explore the beautiful sceneries, learn about the local culture, taste the wonderful Swiss cuisine and engage in many activities around the country.

Moving here means you can enjoy the Swiss way of life all year round. This includes hitting the slopes during winter, exploring museums, art galleries and shopping malls, learning the local languages and being one with the people of Switzerland by learning their culture and learning about the Swiss culinary pride.

Wrapping it up

The above are just some of the things that make Switzerland one of the favourite places to live. You can make your life here memorable and worth the relocating decision by choosing, the best and most trusted real estate agents to help you out with your relocation.