5 Facts About Escape Games You Can’t Ignore

Locked rooms Calgary have always been a hit among people of all ages. From teenagers to adults, everyone seems to love entering a real fantasy world and beat unique challenges to escape the locked room. According to statistics, about 37% of groups of players are over 21 years old, 14% of players are families with children and parents, and 19% of players are below 21 years of age. No matter how great a player you are, there are specific fun facts about escape games that you will be blown away with. Gear up for a fun-filled journey as you will be introduced to the weirdest facts about escape games. 

Escape games are all about immersive and interactive escape scenarios with a spooky narrative at the background. Your team has to find out clues scattered around the locked rooms and brave your heart through the secret gateways. At escapehour.ca, you can find four real escape rooms that you can play with your team, uninterrupted. From the Lost Jewel of Zanzibar to Catch Me If You Can, dive into the theme of your favorite movie in just a click.

Top 5 Fun Facts About Locked Rooms Calgary You Should Know 

These facts have been tested and are 100% credible. You may find out some witty clues to solve the locked room Calgary mysteries, you never know. Let’s begin with the fun-filled facts then.

Japan unlocked the mystery initially 

No, locked rooms or escape games did not originate in the States or the UK. Japan initiated this game, and soon, it became widely popular all around the world. People wanted something beyond mere bike races and zombie hunts. Thus, they loved the concept of such an innovative activity which is amazingly interesting as well. It started with virtual locked rooms. Gradually, the scene shifted to real-life rooms, which were again quite logical and well, successful. 

There’s no personal victory

Unlike other games, there’s no such thing as a personal victory when you play escape games. Take escapehour.ca as an example. We allow teams to play for an hour and unleash their presence of mind and intelligence. When you win, it’s your team winning. You can’t survive without your team. That’s the USP of locked room games or escape games. It’s not mandatory to only play with people you are familiar with. You can play with strangers if that’s okay with you. Escape games teach you cooperation skills, which will come in handy in the future.

You can call the Master as per your convenience 

Every escape game has a master. It can be an automated voice or a human who will provide you with additional clues during the game. You don’t have to be disappointed about that. The goal is to open the door. No one said anything about not using clues, right? Summon the Master whenever you tend to spend too much time on one puzzle since that would affect your overall team performance. You can use walkie-talkies or webcams for these situations. 

You are allowed to pick your favorite theme

The best thing about escape rooms is their diversity. You will NEVER be bored with the game because it comes with several themes. The puzzles and riddles differ according to the theme you choose. From the decorations to the ambiance, everything is related to the theme. The designers of the game rooms in Edmonton are brilliant. They leave no stone unturned to give you the most amazing and rejuvenating experience in the gaming venue. 

Puzzles are tricky 

If you think escape games are for children, then you have probably never tried your luck finding a way out of the locked rooms. Comfortable victory is not included in these games. You need to put all your efforts and let your inner Sherlock Holmes emerge to unlock the doors. It’s fun. Losing is never a tragedy. In this case, you either win, or you learn something in the course of the game. Just stay motivated and keep playing the game. 

Wrapping Up,

Everyone is fighting the rat race these days. Kids struggle with multiple assignments. Adults have a hard time making money. It’s time to give yourselves a break. Play the mystery games with your friends and family to enjoy your heart out. Good Luck!