Netflix ITA – How to unlock the catalog of Italian Netflix?

Everyone who doesn’t currently have access to their own TV (and cable, along with all subscriptions) knows what it feels like to miss out on the episodes you’ve been waiting for weeks, regardless of whether you’re on a vacation or out on a business trip.

Today we’re going to talk about how you can unlock your Netflix Italia while you’re not in your home country. 

Reasons why you can’t watch Netflix from abroad

Sadly, the Netflix Italia catalogo, as well as any other version of Netflix isn’t available to people staying in hotels. That’s mainly because of the policy most hotels and restaurants have – you’ll only get to watch local content; on top of that, what little shows you can enjoy in are most likely to not be understandable to you. 

The geographic restrictions, or so called ‘geo-blocks’ are practically firewalls that are meant to lock certain content from people that don’t have the proper credentials. There is a way to bypass this little obstacle, though.

You could resort to fishing for streams, but the chances of you finding a reliable one are minimal. Your other option is to pirate (illegally download) an episode, or several episodes that you want to watch, but are for any reason unable to. Again, this is the least favorable option, as it puts you at risk of financial fines. So, what should you do in a situation such as this?

Using a virtual private network connection

VPNs (virtual private networks) are, by far, the most popular solution for people who want to unlock Netflix while being abroad. While alternatives might appear as attractive at certain points, they all lack one or several elements of quality. 

Virtual private networks basically offer you the same level of experience that you would normally get as if you were at your own home, watching your favorite Netflix shows. 

What’s the cost of acquiring VPN services? 

Basically, there are so many VPN providers that there’s no such thing as ‘universal’ cost of using a virtual private connection. The average cost varies from month to month as different companies and providers update their terms of service; on top of that, almost every VPN provider offers different ‘packages’, which means that it’s hard to say what an ‘average’ actually is.

One thing is certain, though; there are cheap VPNs, and then there is top-quality, top-dollar VPNs that sometimes can cost a couple of dozens of dollars. 

A huge number of VPN providers offer you the opportunity to check out their services for ‘free’. Namely, we’re talking about ‘trial versions’ of VPNs. This way you’ll be able to have a taste of what it would be like to have your own VPN connection with all the features included. Trial versions usually last for about a month. 

Trial virtual private network packages should not be confused with ‘free VPNs’ – the latter are obtainable via vouchers and coupons that certain brands and people offer on various sites, most of which aren’t exactly reliable. 


Hemant Kumar
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