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Make A Statement In Your Home With One Décor Item


Meta: Ever heard of a statement piece in a home? A popular concept a lot of interior decorators rave about, and for good reason. Click here to find out what it is and how you can incorporate it too.

Whether you go for a ceiling lamp or a standing one, making a statement in your home can be a good idea when you’re not looking for anything too overpowering. Instead of going for a few different pieces, choosing one statement piece can be the ideal solution for many types of houses. 

Choosing the Right Lampshade is All About Purpose

Something many interior decorators and designers write about when discussing how to enhance any room in a home is a statement piece in every room or one particular one, and on the top of that list sits statement lampshades. It is incredible what a difference one item can make. 

Choosing a lampshade is all about purpose. When deciding, it is good to keep in mind the bigger goal that you are trying to achieve. If it is something to match the interiors but not too bright you should get a smaller shade that sits in a corner. If however, it is a dramatic effect you are going for, then definitely opt for statement lampshades as the only pieces you should be looking for.

You can place them either on your ceiling or on the corners of the living room, where they would sit best. If there ever was one item you would invest in when looking to make a difference inside any room, this one décor item can enhance any living space and add a sense of creative warmth.

Choosing the right one is a matter of personal taste, as well as a few other things such as space, colours, fabrics and overall design. When you have fully thought it through you can go for the right item. 

The best way to select the right shade, besides an equation of measurements taken in the open space you would like to add the item, is by picturing it in the room, or even better, take a picture of the corner or ceiling where you would like it to be and when shopping in-store, place it next to the lampshade and see if it looks part of the bigger picture. 

If you are looking online, for instance, you can usually see a portfolio of different styles placed in various rooms in a house for your perusal, to give you a good idea of a similar setting. From oval, square, empire, or drum and with a variety of sizes, you could be at it all day – what an exciting project!

The 4 Rules of Thumb

As per those interior designers, there are 4 rules of thumb a buyer should consider when purchasing a lamp of any kind. These are:

  • If you are using a high wattage light bulb, make sure you go for a large shade 9so it doesn’t get hot too quickly)
  • If you’re looking for a lot of light, go for materials that are transparent and large shades as well.
  • Go with your gut – which one draws your eye to it the first time? Go with that one.
  • Never place a shade at eye level, it should always be either slightly higher.

There you have, it’s as simple as that! 

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