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Signs that One of Your Main Lines Needs to Be Replaced

There are two types of main lines on your Utah property–water and sewer. Both of these are important to the function of your home or business. It can be inconvenient if something goes wrong with either of them. Sometimes, there can be small fixes when there are problems, but other times, the whole line will need a replacement. Here are the signs to watch for and when you should call a plumber to do an inspection:

Water main line:

If you find any sitting water on your property, this could be an indication of a break in your main. Puddles shouldn’t usually be around, especially in dry weather. If something seems a little odd, it probably is, and the best plan of action is to call a plumber to come check it out as quickly as possible and see if a replacement is needed.

A big indicator of a problem and need for a main line replacement is if the water flow is really slow and does not have enough pressure. While you wait for a plumber to arrive, it’s best to inspect your property to determine if there is anything you can do to mitigate the damage and extent of the problem.

One telltale sign of a break is if your water bill is unexplainably high. This usually indicates a problem, especially if you have inspected the property and haven’t found anything else. You could have a break or some blockage in your water main. It’s important to get this replaced quickly so the problem doesn’t worsen and so the extent of property damage is minimal.

Sewer main line:

If your drains start to have a sewer odor, something is probably wrong. As if the stench isn’t enough, this could be an indication of sewage backup and warrants a call to the plumber right away to determine if a replacement is needed.

If your home or business is having multiple clogs happen simultaneously, you can assume that there is a sewage problem. This could be an indication of needing a line replacement.

If any fixtures are draining slowly or you notice any bubbling in toilets or drains, call a plumber as soon as possible because something is wrong. Those are both indications that waste isn’t flowing properly through your system.

If either of your main lines show any of the signs listed above, time is a key factor in the extent of the damage. Call a Utah plumber right away to get it inspected to see if they need to be replaced.

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