How to Cook and Bake With Beer

Summer is coming fast, bringing with it a nation-wide appreciation for washing down hot cooking with an ice-cold brew. However, you may want to crack open a cold one during cooking, too. This is an underrated and highly versatile ingredient in home cooked recipes.

Did you know that beer can be used to make everything from mouthwatering appetizers to decadent desserts? Here are a few reasons to add a six-pack to the cart for grocery delivery Pennsylvania:


Beer-battered appetizers are fantastic for summer parties. The combination of carbs and carbonation helps make the batter airy. Airy batter becomes flaky crusts when the shrimp or vegetables is deep-fried. Try a lighter lager here.

Love experimenting with barbecue? Beer makes a great base for marinades. The general rule of thumb is to save more bitter brews for stronger flavored meats like venison or steak. This includes stouts and Belgian Ales. For chicken, fish, and other more delicate meats, try wheat beers or IPAs.


The sky’s the limit when it comes to mains that incorporate beer. Here are a few ideas to inspire budding home chefs:

Heat beer in a pan and steam vegetables over the liquid. Steaming adds irresistible aroma and subtle flavors to the food. Because not all the beer’s taste is absorbed, you can use this method to ‘tone down’ very bitter or strongly flavored brews

What can you do with the beer once you’re done steaming? Turn it into soup stock! This adds a flavorful twist to basic beef stew, chicken soup, minestrone, and more.

Roasting your dinner? Add beer to the pan. It will impart complex flavors and aromas to the chicken and root vegetables that you’re cooking. Even better, the beer will mix with the juices coming off of the food. As it cooks, this will reduce into a delicious sauce.


Wait, don’t click away! This may sound like a strange combination, but beer can be fantastic in desserts for the grown-ups. One classic pairing that pleases the palate is chocolate and dark beer. Stouts are rich in flavor notes, adding complexity to the cocoa itself. Dark chocolate makes for an intense, decadent combination. Meanwhile, milk chocolate smooths out bitter tastes. Try this pairing in mousses, cupcakes, and homemade ice cream.

Looking for a lighter dessert? Chocolate can be a little heavy and rich for the summer months, but you can experiment with fruit instead. Foodtown offers a number of light beers infused with fruit flavors ready for grocery delivery in Pennsylvania. You can add a splash to berry tarts or drizzle a little over summer fruit salads to add refreshing, zesty notes.