Essential Basic Wilderness Survival Skills To Practice

When an individual ventures outdoors, especially in the wild, he/she must be aware of the different survival strategies. One will come across an array of different techniques, but specific Basic Wilderness Survival skills can help people to handle unwanted circumstances in the wild. Getting involved in unwanted situations is common when camping or trekking outdoors. Averting panic and handling the situation calmly is expected. This is where understanding basic wilderness survival skills are essential.


Fire is one of the most essential survival techniques when one ventures out in the wild. An individual must know how fire can be utilized as a skill. Besides helping to cook food and offer light, warmth, comfort, and purifying water, it is also used to signal rescuers and keep predators away. It is said that a small fire can offer more heat than a large one. Henceforth, the essential skill of starting a small fire in the wild can be an excellent survival strategy.

Collecting firewood and conserving fuel is highly recommended, as keeping a stock of the items will help at the right time. Furthermore, arranging the firewood in a star sign can help to save on fuel, and the fire remains ignited for a longer period. When one enrolls in the wilderness survival course, he/she learns the different ways to start a fire and utilize it.


The shelter is yet another essential survival skill in the wild that must be practiced correctly. It is a skill one needs to safeguard his/her body from excessive exposure to snow, rain, cold, sun, wind, and so on. Any factor that reduces the total body temperature can be challenging, especially when an individual is in the wild. Clothing is considered the first line of shelter. Depending on the environment and the external temperature, the right clothing must be chosen.

It is highly recommended that the closest layer of clothing to the body must be dry. When the temperature is cold outside, wearing layered clothes is suggested. This is because layers can trap air and keep the body warmer than wearing a single piece of thick clothing. Moreover, one must use a space blanket to prevent dampness and insulate the shelter. The Shelter is one of the Basic Wilderness Survival skills that must be taken seriously.

First aid

It is not just a basic medical need but the prime strategy that helps one to survive in the wild without any advanced medical aid. Experts recommend remaining calm and avoiding any instance of panic must be practiced. One must observe and plan the medical treatment accordingly. Seeking a basic wilderness survival course teaches candidates to attend to basic medical needs and train the brain to think rationally.

Keeping the brain functioning seems to be the first aid for surviving outdoors. Before a trip is planned, it is advised to make a medical checklist. Additionally, carrying a personal kit with all the important items is helpful for attending to any situation that demands medical needs. Hypothermia is one of the common conditions people suffer from during an outdoor trip. The introductory wilderness survival course helps one to learn the ways to insulate and help overcome the condition.


The above-mentioned are the three crucial Basic Wilderness Survival skills that every person must be aware of. Food and water and signaling are two more such wilderness survival skills that help one to handle the outdoor trip smoothly. Enrolling in a wilderness survival course seems like an intelligent decision.