How to Avert Event Disasters

There is a lot of time and hard work that goes into an event. The person who plans and organizes it has to contact multiple suppliers and venues, speakers, and guests. That is why those who want to have an event delegate the task of organizing it to a professional party planner.

A party planner is someone who enjoys the challenges of organizing an event. They know how to find the perfect venue, have contacts to source decor, and will negotiate for rentals of sound systems on your behalf. In case the event runs into trouble, they have the experience and expertise to handle it so that the guests walk out happy.

However, party planners cost money. Many choose to organize events on their own to dedicate the budget toward more important expenses. It is possible to successfully organize an event, but be ready for these sudden challenges that you might face.

There are Too Many People

You have a guest list but, somehow, more people appeared at the venue. It is every party planner’s nightmare when there are too many attendees than you expected. It happens, but it can be averted.

First, find a way to ensure how many people are coming. Most send out RSVP prior to the event to control the number of guests who will arrive at the venue. Corporate events, on the other hand, can sell tickets to monitor attendees. This allows you, the planner, to prepare for the exact number of people.

But, even if you know how many guests to expect, it still would be safe to allow for a bit of leeway in case a couple more people show up or if something unexpected occurs. Food, especially, should have a surplus.

If there is more interest than anticipated around the event, plan a second one at a later date. Announce it and start accepting reservations so that you also avoid disappointing those who could not get in.

No One Arrives

On the other side of the spectrum is another nightmare: no one shows up. There is a potential that your event does not get the interest that you anticipated and, therefore, is left empty. It is especially risky if there are no tickets to help you monitor the number of people who will come.

It can be prevented by marketing the event. Use social media to boost visibility and drum up excitement. You can catch the attention of your target audience by telling them exactly what they can get from it. Perhaps, you have a popular speaker, or you have invited industry leaders. Place these details on your advertisements.

To further ensure that people will come, offer discounts and promotions. This will allow groups of friends or acquaintances to acquire a ticket together. When people know that their acquaintances will be present, they are more likely to go, too.

In addition, offer attractive freebies or a raffle to motivate people to go.

You Encounter a Tech Issue

Tech issues are common when using technology. At the event, you might experience a malfunctioning microphone or a projection that, for some reason, just is not turning on. Some hybrid events, that mix in-person and digital meetings, are at risk of more technical difficulties. The internet in the venue, for example, is unstable, forbidding you to connect to your video call.

So, what do you do?

A day or two before the event, have a full rehearsal. It will reveal potential problems and still give you time to resolve it. You can arrange a faster backup internet connection for the event at the venue. You can ask the audio provider why the microphone is not working properly. If needed, you can find a new supplier if something does not work out as intended.

Moreover, prepare backups. Sometimes, even after you practiced and checked the tech you will use, it can fail on the day of the event. It is best to have a backup that you can easily and immediately plug in to ensure that the show goes on.

It will also help to be aware of the most common tech issues that happen in the event. Research how to address them on your own so you would know what to do in case it happens to you.

Events seem easy to plan but, in reality, it is a challenge. There are so many moving parts involved that, if one fails, everything can come crashing down, leaving you with angry guests and even angrier bosses or family. However, all these disasters can be averted by careful planning.

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