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Granite Kitchen Countertops: Colors and Finishes

For kitchen countertops, granite is a classic and long-lasting option. It enhances the elegance and natural beauty of your space while standing up to regular use. However, you should carefully evaluate colors, patterns, and finishes when choosing granite for your kitchen. 

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the process of selecting an ideal granite to complement the design requirements of your kitchen.


Classic Elegance with White Granite: If you want a timeless, bright, and airy kitchen, white granite is an excellent choice. It complements various cabinet colors and styles, creating a clean and classic look. Varieties like “Colonial White” and “Alaska White” are popular options.

Warmth with Beige and Brown Granite: Beige and brown granite offers warmth and versatility. They pair well with wooden cabinets and create a cozy, welcoming kitchen ambiance. “Santa Cecilia” and “Baltic Brown” are examples of these earthy tones.

Bold Statements with Black Granite: For a dramatic and contemporary kitchen, consider black granite. It adds depth and contrast to the space and looks striking against white or light-colored cabinets. “Absolute Black” and “Black Galaxy” are bold choices.

Timeless Beauty of Gray Granite: Gray granite strikes a balance between light and dark, making it a versatile option. It complements a wide range of cabinet colors and styles, providing a modern and elegant appearance. “Steel Gray” and “Silver Cloud” are popular gray granite choices.

Vibrant and Unique with Colored Granite: If you’re looking to make a bold statement, consider colored granite options like green, blue, or red. These unique choices can infuse your kitchen with personality and character. “Ubatuba Green” and “Blue Pearl” are captivating examples.


Polished Finish: The inherent colors and patterns of polished granite are enhanced by the stone’s shiny, reflecting surface. Although it’s simple to keep it clean, it may be more prone to revealing water and fingerprint stains.

Honed Finish: Granite with a matte finish gives a softer, more modest appearance. It can be an excellent option for kitchens with a more casual or rustic feel.

Leathered Finish: This finish is becoming more and more popular for its distinctive look and usefulness in concealing smudges and fingerprints.

So, there is a granite variant for every style, whether you want traditional elegance, pleasant and warm tones, strong statements, or unusual hues. For its enduring elegance and superior quality, comptoir Granite au Sommet is a great option.