Dive into the Success of Pulse Candy and its Successful Marketing Strategy

When we talk about disrupting the traditional candy market with something so compelling that consumers can’t resist, one name that instantly springs to mind is Pulse Candy by DS Group. The explosion of flavour, encased in a seemingly humble package, took the market by storm, leaving many intrigued by its success. 

This article aims to delve deep into the brand’s secret – what made Pulse not just a candy but a sensation? Let’s dive into the captivating story behind DS Group Pulse and explore the marketing genius that fuelled its success.

About Pulse

Pulse Candy is a product of DS Group, a conglomerate with a wide range of products from the FMCG sector to hospitality. Introduced in 2015, Pulse was an instant game-changer, offering a hard-boiled candy with a tangy twist. Its unique proposition lay in its taste, a blend of sweet and sour, with a tangy centre that gives consumers an unexpected burst of flavour. It wasn’t just candy; it was an experience. In no time, Pulse became more than a product; it became a household name.

Success of Pulse

It would be an understatement to say that Pulse was a hit. In the very first year of its launch, it achieved a sales turnover of over INR 150 crores. It was almost like the brand had struck a gold mine of flavours that resonated with the Indian palate. Pulse was the right product at the right time. However, the true magic lies in its understanding of consumer psychology, people love surprises, especially when it comes to food. The candy didn’t just offer a momentary escape; it provided a full-fledged journey with a beginning, middle, and a zesty end.

While the product itself was innovative, the marketing strategy was no less groundbreaking. Pulse was introduced into the market without any high-profile celebrity endorsements. Yet, it became a phenomenon, largely due to its strong distribution network and word-of-mouth publicity. Social media buzz further elevated the brand’s presence. 

Its packaging was bright and catchy, designed to grab eyeballs. Special point-of-sale displays were used strategically in stores to attract potential buyers. The success of Pulse Candy became a case study. 

DS Group India also expanded its portfolio by introducing new Pulse flavours, like Guava, Orange, Pineapple, and Litchi, thereby reaching a larger audience. Moreover, user-generated content became a huge asset. People sharing their ‘Pulse experience’ online contributed to the brand’s viral appeal.


Pulse Candy is not just a story of an excellent product but also a tale of how insightful marketing can elevate a brand to become a cultural phenomenon. By understanding its target demographic and employing a grassroots marketing strategy, Pulse became more than just another candy in the market; it became an emotion, a part of the pop culture lexicon. DS Group’s Pulse showcases how innovation in product and marketing, combined with an understanding of consumer needs, can turn a simple candy into a blockbuster success. So, the next time you pop a Pulse into your mouth, know that you’re not just tasting a candy, you’re experiencing a masterpiece of marketing genius

Hemant Kumar
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