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Five Exciting Iron Entry Door Designs

Iron entry doors may bring to mind solid, imposing structures. However, modern designs take that fine old-world craftsmanship and legendary durability to new places. Here are five style options that can completely transform the look of your home:

Open Ironwork

Large stretches of glass create a welcoming, open effect. You can achieve this with smaller glass panes and delicate ironwork. Proportion is key here. Try to have the majority of the door’s panel be open space. Another option is to have elaborate ironwork framing the edges of the door while the center is an open pane of glass. If you want to enhance your privacy, you can have the glass frosted to various degrees.

Geometric Elements

Bold triangles. Intersecting starbursts of iron lines. Dramatic chevrons and concentric shapes. Doors with these elements have an elegant simplicity that adds classic, enduring appeal. You can echo other geometric shapes in your home or yard or create a playful contrast with motifs such as interlocking circles and sharply angled designs.

Asymmetrical Designs

Symmetry has long been a priority for front doors, but you don’t need to be restricted to this. A single door with an off-center or non repeating pattern can be eye-catching. Meanwhile, double doors could mirror one another or have complementary elements. For example, you can create a very modern look with a door that has a focal point and a changing, transitional pattern leading to the bottom. This naturally draws the eye upward.

Nature-Inspired Elements

Twining vines, tropical flowers, and graceful stands of bamboo transform an iron door into a natural and rustic piece of art. These highly nontraditional designs are fresh, fun, and undeniably beautiful. Doors of this variety come in a range from stylized forms that hint at the natural world to very realistic. Meanwhile, if you have a favorite kind of flower, tree, or bird, you can have a custom design created.

High Impact Iron

If delicate and complex ironwork isn’t right for you, why not take it in the opposite direction? Broad swaths of iron can transform your door from just an entryway into a bold statement piece all on its own. This style of door really brings home the solidity and texture of the metal itself. For added visual pop, consider augmenting the stretches of iron with contrasting finishes or door hardware.

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