About Lloyd Custom Car Floor Mats

Whether you own a 1955 Ford Fairlane Victoria, a 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup or last year’s most popular SUV model, we have custom carpet floor mats that exactly reflect your personal taste for color, texture and style and are custom fitted to your precise space specifications.

Lloyd Mats is the nation’s largest automotive aftermarket manufacturer of custom car floor mats for passenger and cargo areas. Our custom products are all proudly produced in our Northridge, California plant and all materials used are also made in the USA. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to assure a distinguished product.

Here’s what we offer.

One of a kind

At Lloyd Mats, you’re in charge. You tell us the make and model of your car, truck or SUV of any age, and the dimensions of the space you want to fit. Then you get to choose from the following top quality mat materials: Lloyd’s Ultimat, Velourtex, LUXE, Berber 2, Classic Loop and CamoMats, our latest offering.

The precision-cut mats for passenger and cargo areas come in a wide selection of six textures and more than 100 colors specifically engineered for automotive use. We also offer all-weather car mats in three textures and 13 colors, including clear.

And finally, you can choose from a selection of more than 1,000 licensed automotive trademark emblems and embroidered designs that reflect your lifestyle or military affiliation or speak only to you and your family.

At Lloyd Mats, there are very few car or truck models from the 1950s to today that we haven’t seen and fitted.

Start by telling us exactly what you want. You’ll always end up with a precision cut set of mats that reflect your taste and that match or compliment your automotive interior.

Are you trying to bring a vintage automobile back to life as authentically as possible? Perhaps you just want to upgrade the interior of your new ride. Or add a touch of personalization with custom designed embroidered art.

Simply give us the space measurements and your specs for color and material and we’ll go to work hand-making (not mass producing) your one-of-a-kind order of the highest quality.

Order your Lloyd Mats set today

Our reputation has been made — one set of mats at a time — on the quality of our custom work and on our track record for superb customer service and dependable, on-time shipping.

It all starts with a little window shopping on your part. Our “window” is our website, at Check out our wide selection and tell us about the set of custom mats that would reflect your life and lifestyle and the special love you have for your ride.