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Expert Tips on How to Choose the Best Bedside Table

More than 70 percent of people in a recent survey are excited to renovate their homes. Others stress out just thinking about renovations – but there’s no need to worry about it. Sometimes a renovation can be as simple as changing the furniture in a room. 

Are you looking for a bedside table but feeling overwhelmed by the choices? Here are some excellent tips on finding the best bedside table for your home.

Size Does Matter

When shopping for a bedside table, you want to consider proportions. Have a look at the space in your bedroom and look at where you’ve positioned your bed. Determine the area you will allot for your bedside table and measure the height and width for reference.

One of the most critical bedside table buying tips to keep in mind is to have these measurements with you when shopping. This will help eliminate choices right away.

The best nightstand will also have a lower profile if you have a low bed. Tall or kingsize beds take up a lot of room, and you’ll want to find a nightstand with a similar scale. Sometimes a tiny dresser will work as the best nightstand in these situations. 

Types of Bedside Tables

Design and personal style are two important considerations when you search for the perfect one for you. There are many styles, including traditional nightstands with drawers or tables with a rustic feel. 

Consider this selection if you are looking for an industrial bedside table. Choose a contemporary design or think about how well a wall-mounted table will save floor space. Simple lines can offer a modern look. 

You can use almost any item as a bedside table as long as it suits your style and satisfies your needs. A living room side table or small dining cart can work. When you think outside the norms, you’ll be surprised at the options you might find for types of nightstands.

Function Over Form

While it’s important to think about design when thinking about choosing a bedside table, its function is an equally vital factor to consider. What do you need your bedside table to hold?

Many people want a drawer to hold their dream diary, or they might want some candles or other personal items close by. Others will want a flashlight handy in case of a power outage during the night. If you read a book at night, you’ll want a table with enough room for a bedside light.

Your partner may have completely different requirements, and you might end up with different tables. A mismatched set can work well if you select complementary styles.

Find the Best Bedside Table

Your decision will come down to your overall design and personal preference. Several options might work, but you will know which one is the best bedside table when you see it.

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