Easy way to change Username On Reddit

On the internet, if you look then you can see that there are various social interacting sites, where one can go and enjoy, social interacting sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, and lots more. One can use these social networking sites for enjoyment and entertainment. Even they can make their videos with the use of their creating video option and also post many of their photos and also create different posts according to their mood and post them on the site. But for using any social networking site, it is mandatory to create your account on the site, and after that one can use the site with their unique username and password. 

If you are a person who is using Reddit then you know that how much interesting it is to use it. You can share your photos, videos; create posts, memes, and lots more. Also, you can like, share, comment on other’s pots as well. But one thing is always common among all the users while creating their account on the site and that is their username. Everyone thinks that they use the username which is separate from others and also looks cool to use. But after some time, the username looks boring and out of date. And some users think that now they have to change their username because it does not match with the new trend and present time. And that’s why they are starting to look for how to change username on Reddit for their account.

Verify email and use the username

Even Reddit permits you to use the username when you forget it. That means when you log in on Reddit with your username and password, you see there is an option available of “Forget Username” and “Forget password”. You can click on the “Forget Username” option. They the site will ask you to enter your email to verify the account and your username will send on it. You have to enter the email address that you register while creating the account. When entering an email address and verify it then they will redirect you to your username, but they did not give you the facility of changing your username. In short, with this, you can use your old username but cannot change it. 

Cannot change the username

The reality is one cannot change the username on Reddit; even they can change their display name but cannot change their username. It is because Reddit cares about their users and their security, for this they did not allow to change the username. Instead of changing the username you can delete your account and create a new account on Reddit.

So, in a nutshell, one cannot change their existing username, even they if they forget then use it by verifying their email address or if still want to change the username then there is only one solution and that is they can delete or deactivate their account from the Reddit and can create a new account.