Catering Tips

When planning an event there are factors that need to be taken into consideration to plan the best event possible. Planning an event takes time and patience and time. One of the first things when planning an event is choosing what the guests will eat.

Choosing a catering company is a must to relieve the stress for other planning. When choosing the company you should look for one that is reputable and punctual. There are many do’s and don’t when picking the food for the event.

The first is that if the event catering is in the morning there should be nothing on the menu that is relatable with dinner or lunch. This is something that is sometimes overlooked when planning. Reading the delicious menus that are offered at the catering venue can sometimes lead someone to forget about the time of the event. Furthermore choosing the right for food the right time is the first tip in choosing a catering venue for the event.

The second tip is that any cultural dish that has rice to cater is usually a more budget friendly option. Mexican, Indian, and Thai food are always excellent tasteful meals that are budget friendly. Also if the event is during brunch or lunch these meals tend to be less hardy meaning cheaper.

These buffets are usually great for buffet style which will also save on a serving staff. Finding healthy and vegan options is important. Remembering the attendees is very important, and trying to satisfy everyone.

The third tip is alcohol is not needed for a great time. This may depend on the event catering that is being hosted. There are other great things that can be offered at an event. By not using alcohol this will save money to do something else where. Also choosing a pay bar in which the attendees will have to purchase their own alcoholic beverage.

Some things that should never be done when planning an event, and choosing a catering venue. The first is never ignore the eating restrictions of your guest. There are many guests who are gluten free and are a niche right now. Also stay away from foods that are very exotic like insects and such.

Another thing to keep in mind is to stay within your budget. Over expanding on trendy food such as sushi might be pleasing but costly. Another thing is to plan for too much food. It is always better to have too much food rather than not enough.

The last part is choosing the dessert. The dessert is something that is often remembered at events. The trendy thing right now is cupcakes. Although this is a great idea, it depends on the size of your event. If the event has a thousand attendees then choosing this option will be expensive. Cupcakes are a great option for a smaller event. Cake is the best option for bigger events.

Those are some tips and don’ts for planning a catering venue for an event. The first tip which was choosing the right meal for the right time. This is important because your attendees do not want to eat breakfast when it’s lunch time.

The second tip which was choosing a rice based cultural dish due to the fact that it is delicious and cost friendly. The third tip which was opting for a pay bar or choosing to host an event without alcohol. Some don’t stay away from exotic food. Lastly having options that are for your vegan and healthy attendees is very important when planning an event.