Call-related Emojis For Your Everyday Messages

Messaging people took a while to be received and returned, mostly if the receiver lives miles away. It takes months or even years to hear again from your loved ones abroad. These telegrams always contain pages with thousands of words, so the receiver will not miss out on any exciting events. 

With the creation of phones, telegrams became calls and brief instant messaging. These texts become more concise, and we end up using emojis to tell people our requests and answers. Asking someone to call you would just require you to send a phone emoji! 

These ideograms and smileys could convey thousands of visual messages that anyone can understand in an instant. Communication has never been easier with emojis! In this article, we will get to know other call-related emojis that you can use whenever you’re in any situation.

Mobile Phone Emoji

If you need someone to call you now, sending a mobile phone emoji is enough to get the message out. It is mainly to tell if you’re on the phone or going to call someone. It could also mean “Pick up the phone!”. 

The mobile phone emoji looks like a touchscreen smartphone with multicolored squares, representing apps, or a blue home screen. It is also shown as a black or gray smartphone. Since it looks just like our very own smartphones, this emoji is sometimes used to inform your friends you have a new phone.

Mobile Phone With Arrow

This emoji represents someone calling or messaging you. The mobile phone with arrow emoji looks similar to the mobile phone emoji with an arrow pointing from left. The arrow’s color varies, but it is often shown in blue color.   

This emoji is like the phone emoji. It is used to represent that you are requesting a call or about to receive an important call. It could also tell people to check their calls and messages. If you need to inform people you have a call meeting, send them a mobile phone with arrow emoji with the time.


The image of a classic telephone in this emoji could symbolize a variety of messages. It could inform people that you need to buy a new telephone or if you need to take an urgent call. It could also mean that a special person called you.

This emoji could also convey that you are calling or receiving a phone call in a phone booth. A phone number often accompanies it, so if you need to tell people about your phone number, no need to write a series of long texts.  

In most messaging and social media platforms, the telephone is shown to have some buttons or rotary dial. If they depict it as the latter, the phone’s color is usually red. Google and Samsung use the design with rotary dials. 

Telephone Receiver

On most platforms, they often show the telephone receiver emoji as a black traditional phone handset with a speaker and a microphone.  It is shown at slightly leaning at a  45° angle.

Though this old-stationary phone is not commonly used nowadays, the telephone receiver emoji symbolizes someone calling. You can use it together with a man or woman emoji to tell whoever is calling you. 

Fax Machine 

Fax machines were a popular tool to scan and transmit documents without the use of the internet. It was commonly used in the 1980-90s and has proven to send information across cities and towns fast.

The fax machine emoji is now used to inform people that an office or school has tons of paper. This emoji also tells people that some exciting news, such as shocking facts about celebrities and events, is true.

This emoji is often shown as a regular fax machine loaded with a single sheet of paper. The fax machine emoji is depicted as a white or black machine with a telephone handset, keypad, and a display screen. If used with a text, it could mean as a pun.

Pager Emoji

A pager was a popular mode of communication in the 1980-90s. It can alert people by sending brief messages or via phone calls. It is also called a beeper as it makes beeping sounds whenever you receive an alert.  The pager emoji is often shown as a black device with buttons and a green screen displaying numbers.

The pager emoji can tell people you are using an outdated device, or your phone is an old model. It is also used to show that the message you are receiving is an important announcement or danger. On rare occasions, it represents nostalgia for old technology in social media posts.


Emojis have allowed us to tell people what we need or mean right away. If you need a call or you’re in the middle of an important one, using any phone emoji will alert people in an instant. The creation of phone emojis has helped us be more productive and emphatic about our messages today. Try using them now at